And even more Eco-Trail de Paris 50 miler photos!

The official race photos are online, so I have a few more pics of the Eco-Trail de Paris 50 miler to share (then again...I have a ton of pics on my camera that I didn't even post...overload!). Whether you like it or not. ;)
Somewhere in the first 45K / 27 miles of the course. On a downhill.
Somewhere in the first 45K / 27 miles. On an uphill.
Somewhere in the first 45K / 27 miles. On trails. :)
A short climb along the Seine River. Can you spot the Eiffel Tower in the back? :) Almost there!
Uhm, yep...looks like 'marching' along. ;)
Climbing the stairs to the first platform of the Eiffel Tower. Finish line within reach! :)
Clearly I'd spotted the finish line at this point. :)
Woo-the-bleeping-hoo!!! :)
Why, I'd ask you? Why? Making a complete fool out of myself. Yet again. ;)


Emz said...

That finish line photo ---- simply THE BEST!!

Freaking. love. it!

The Green Girl said...

Your pink tape rocks so hard I have no words for it.

Congratulations, girl!

B. Jarosz said...

Love love LOVE the photos!!! :)
Great job!

Unknown said...

Cool photos! And great job, you definitely had a blast there :)

Important question: what's the skirt brand? :)

Patrick said...

Do you see the light ?

Unknown said...

Congras! Great Run, awesome photos. :)