Swiss Alpine K78 revisited

What running a 50-miler in the Swiss Alps does to this girl:

Taken about an hour after finishing.

What running a 50-miler in the Swiss Alps also does to this girl:

The day after. :) And yes, that's a Snuggie.


Unknown said...

I am so loving this!!! I think I am planning the race for the summer 2013 :) Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I really like that first picture because you are sans sunglasses and smiling! I also wanted to let you know you are my motivation to the fact that tall girls (I am 1.77/5'10") can do long-distance running too!
Keep on keeping on!

Becka said...

I will somehow have to do that race sometime.

Running Mommy said...

Love the dog at your feet in the second photo! Looks like all three of you had a great nap!