It's a dog's life

Well, I've cheated on the taper. Beginner's mistake numero uno.
Lordie and moi - 5K. I absolutely love this photo.

And I know my body and especially my legs will make me pay for it in Paris (Paris marathon, if everything goes according to plan...). And I'm fine with that. Because, A. I had an amazing time cheating on the taper, B. I wouldn't run anywhere near an 'okay' time in Paris anyway (overcrowded course and too much photos to be taken), and C. I had a kick #ss time cheating on the taper!

My dear mom cheering us on at the finish line.

How did I cheat on the taper? I raced (well, I didn't want to puke, so it wasn't really racing, was it?) a 5K canicross with Lordie. And a 2.3K canicross with Diddy. In my defence: I did plan on just running those distances at marathon pace. No lie.

Well...that didn't work.

Lordie and moi about to finish the 5K in 22:03. He had stopped dragging me along after 500 meters, so I had to do this thing all by myself. Oh, and he decided to greet the trees with what I'd like to call "the longest pee session of 2011"...Yeah...during a race. What the bleep!

Still ready to finish... This race reminded me of the fact that I do NOT like 5Ks. At all...

I was just trying to focus on staying in front of the other runner (Monique). Lordie was just focussing on taking it as easy as possible (Okay...in his defence...he was hot...it was a hot day).

Diddy kicking it into gear. My abs are still in pain because of this.

Andrew described it as 'a dog flying a Silly Girl kite'. He was quite right.

Diddy and moi about to finish the 2.3K in 9:10.

Those are not my quads. I borrowed them from one of the guys. My real quads are nice and feminine.

Lordie and I placed first in our AG in the 5K. Can you tell Lordie feels like he's above the other dog? ;) Prize: dog food. And lots of it. Not fair...considering the fact that I had to work this one on my own, while Lordie was too busy finding a tree. ;) By the way...being in the same AG as a 16-year old (that does track by the way...ouch) is...different. It made me feel 'old'...

Diddy and I placed 3rd in our AG in the 2.3K.


ltlindian said...

You and your quads look awesome! Nice job! What a fun race. I love the 'silly girl kite' comment, hysterical!

Beth said...

That is awesome! And a few shorter races don't really count for cheating on taper. You'll still have a great experience in Paris (gotta be better than NYC, right?)

Silly Girl Running said...

@Itlindian: Thanks. ;) And thanks for fibbing about my quads. ;)

@ Beth: Well, I definitely hope it will be better than NYCM! ;)

misszippy said...

Totally worth cheating! That looks like an awesome course, too.

giraffy said...

That's rad, and totally justified cheating :D

Char said...

I think your dog had a bit of an advantage over the 16 yo's dog. Way longer legs. Was that a basset hound?

Melissa said...

I absolutely loved your photos. Congratulations on your cheating ways :)

Run Jess Run said...

Great job! Your doggies are such speedsters.

Doug said...

What kind of dog do you have? And good job on winning your AG.

Silly Girl Running said...

Hi Doug! It's a Standard Poodle. :)

@ Char: I don't know what breed it is. However...that girl does track. And I don't. ;) And my dog stopped dragging me after 500 meters, and her dragged her all the way to the finish line. Just saying. ;)