I'm stubborn.

Okay, not the 'I'm right even when I'm wrong' kind of stubborn. I'm the 'If my schedule calls for 16 miles, I will run 16 miles - no matter what' kind of stubborn (exception: injuries - I have learned something in this last year ;)).

And today was the perfect day for being stubborn. Heavy heavy 'not able to breathe' winds (freezing!). Lots lots lots and lots of rain (pouring down - literally). The weather forecast actually rewarded today's weather with a 1 / an F. Not the kind of weather that talks you into going out for a run. But my schedule called for 16 miles.

Ready? This is what this Heidi Klum look-a-like (okay, I'm being sarcastic here...extremely sarcastic) looks like after 16.3 miles / 26.1K in the pouring rain. Not a pretty sight. I was soaking wet. Even my undies were soaking wet. Not to mention the amount of water in my shoes. But guess what, despite of the rain, the cold and the heavy winds - I felt okay. And nope, running 16.3 miles / 26.1K in the pouring rain with those winds, and all by yourself, is nothing like a day in the park. Let's call this run a mental work out. ;)

Luckily you can't see my soaking wet rat's tail / pig's nest in this photo.

So, let me just quote Larissa here: I went out there, in the pouring rain, 'because I don't turn my back on myself'. Enough said.


Karen said...

lol I'm so with you on that one! My schedule calls for 16, I'm doing 16! Awesome job! Sorry you were soaked!

Jessie said...

I love your posative outlook! This is an area I have been working on. Changing my mind frame of "Oh woa as me that run was horrible" to " well Ive had better runs, but I did it and that is an accomplishment none the less!"

Jana from Running Vegetarian said...

I am the same way. I have been dealing with this nasty chest congestion cold. Even after almost passing out on the TM yesterday I still finished my run. :)

Beth said...

I love your dedication! You never know what you might get on race day, might as well be prepared for pouring rain and wind :) Nice run!

Jason said...

I am the same way because a race is always the distance that you registered for no matter how you feel.

I run in the wind, the rain, the snow all of it b/c race day is not guaranteed to be perfect. It is guaranteed to be run that day and that is all.

Glad you enjoyed your run.

Zaneta said...

awesome! you are much more mentally tough than i am! ;)

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Jessie: Thanks! That's so sweet! :)

@ Jane: Be careful with that cold!