Three Things Thursday

1. Skirts, skirts, skirts: Runningskirts.com skirts are a life saver in my book: no more chaffing! However, for July's (ultra)marathon, I would like to try a skirt that's a bit more airy and roomy. I've been hearing great things about Moeben skirts for ultra running, but have never tried their skirts.

I think this model is pretty cute:

Has any of you tried a Moeben skirt before? If so: comfortable? And how about the fit? I'm not too sure about the size. A small is a size 1-2 and a medium a size 2-4. How does this convert to runningskirts.com skirt size? (I'm a 1 in the running skirts)

2. Boston: I know the entire blogger's community is blogging and FB-ing (is that even a word?) about it, but still I feel the need to jump on this train. Yep, Boston has changed their qualifying times. Read the announcement: here. I would love to qualify for Boston, and was just getting used to the idea of having to train for a 3:40 full marathon. With the new qualifying times I'd have to run a 3:35 and would still not know for certain if I'd get in or not. And there's where Negative Nancy comes in: am I (what I mean: is this body) capable of running a 3:35 full marathon? It seems incredibly fast for slow me. Thoughts?

3. Happy Birthday to....ME!: My birthday is this Saturday! :) And nope, I'm not telling you how many candles my cake will have on it. ;) In the last couple of weeks friends and family have been asking me what's on my 'wish list'. I've been trying to figure out what I'd really love to have as a birthday present, but can't come up with anything. There is seriously not a single thing that I want/need, that I don't already have. 'Health' would be a great gift, but you can't wrap that in pretty paper, can you. :) I guess this makes me a happy girl. :)


Bonnie said...

You have the same Bday as Mr Half Tri-ing. Happy early Birthday. I say go for the BQ. You can do it!


That skirt looks cute! Happy early birthday!!

Morgan said...

Happy early birthday chica!!! Have a blast celebrating this week and why not tell everyone to buy you running skirts?!?!? :)

I think you could do anything you set your mind on, 3:35 included.

Emz said...

You can do a 3:#5 girl.

you. freaking. know. it.

Happy early birthday. Celebrate starting NOW!!

Emz said...

ummm 3:35 that is. ;)

PunkRockRunner said...

Yes, I do believe that you can run a 3:35 marathon and that you can qualify for Boston. As someone who has been lucky enough to run it three times (for charity) I consider it the finest marathon on the planet.

Have a wonderful birthday.

All the best,


Jessica Miller said...

Happy early birthday!!

I have never run in a running skirt, but me and my ladies are for Ragnar Relay this year!

They are super cute!

Oh the Boston changes-it stinks but maybe its better that way. New York is still more difficult to qualify for. It seems crazy that Boston sold out in 8 hours this year! I just don't know how I feel about the rolling registration.

Jason said...

I am first going to say Happy Birthday to You!!!! Awesomeness.

As for Boston....I am happy they changed the times. I have not qualified as of yet and I plan on doing it and whether it is 3:15 or 3:10 I am still going to train just as hard and push myself to reach that holy grail and you can too.

Allison said...

Happy early birthday!

Kevin @ Half TRI-ing said...

What are you buying for me?! My birthday is this Saturday also!


Bethany + Ryan said...

my first two marathons were 4:54 and 4:58...3:35 is definitely possible for you!!

rinusrunning said...

Alvast gefeliciteerd en wie weet lop je die 3:35 uur op de marathon, of gewoon wqachten tot je ouder bent zodat de tijden minder scherp zijn ;-).

Silly Girl Running said...

Thanks, all, for the early birthday wishes! :) And thanks for all the positive BQ-vibes! :)

@ Kevin: depends on what you're getting me. ;)