Running has changed my ways

Over lunch it hit me: running has changed my ways (I'll fill you in on the 'over lunch' part later). I'm not talking about the obvious changes (working out more often, using 'in so much pain' and 'such a great experience' in the same sentence, referring to 10 miles as a short-ish run, etcetera), but the changes you'll notice in your every day life. The changes in you your friends will notice.

Vacation time:

Instead of lounging around at this place:

Photo courtesy of www.bondibeach.com

I'd rather spend the vacation money on a trip to this place:


Instead of doing this on a Saturday night:

I'd rather do this on a Sunday morning:

Warning: blurry picture coming up!
Food choices:
Instead of having this for dinner:

I'd rather eat this:

This is where the 'over lunch' part comes in: I was having this for lunch, when I realized running has changed my eating habits. And yes, that's a low-fat veggie burger. ;)

Saving up my pennies:

Instead of saving up my pennies to buy a pair of these:

Photo courtesy of www.tods.com

I'd rather save up my pennies to buy a new pair of these:

Photo courtesy of www.newtonrunning.com

How has running changed your ways? And nope, I'm not referring to 'I'm able to run 10 miles without crashing now' or 'I own a Garmin now'. ;)


Tri-James said...

Running (being accounable for your action if you will) changes everything!

Johann said...

I'm 100% like you and can relate to all your photos except the shoes one...:) Before I saved my pennies for running shoes I didn't buy shoes often anyway. I walk barefoot most of the time. This is Africa so it's normal.

ltlindian said...

I have noticed that my stomach is flatter (are those abs I see??). I also find that I eat less at dinner and don't feel the need to snack at night as much. I'm just not hungry, weird huh?

I am addicted to Nike clothes! I just can't get enough. I will wear the same work clothes for a year but love to purchase new (sometimes expensive!) workout gear. I need to do something spectacular so Nike can sponsor me! lol Highly unlikely, so I guess I'll just keep wearing those old work clothes to work. :)

Morgan said...

Great post and SO true! What was once the norm is now anything but! I traded in my pumps for sneaks 3 years ago and have never looked back!

Beth said...

I feel the same way! I even have a theory that a Sunday morning long run is the same as a saturday night out. 1) Socializing with friends, 2) Talking and being ridiculous, completely losing your mind to mouth filter after an hour or two, 3) Spend your Sunday afternoon tired and dehydrated and craving food, 4) getting all dressed up in special outfits, shoes and accessories, and occasionally 5) Digestive/nausea issues.

Allison said...

I totally agree with all your examples!

By the way, do you run in Newtons now? I'm very intrigued by them, but not sure if I should make the investment.

Becka said...

I am absolutely OBSESSED with all things running. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the new compression socks on runningskirts. I can't remember being this addicted about anything in the recent past... and it just seems to be getting worse.

(I have three pairs of unworn Newtons right now, plus the 2 I cycle through. I'm deathly afraid of them being discontinued or something!)

Jessica Miller said...

haha running has changed my life in the same ways! Sometimes my friends just don't understand!

Jana from Running Vegetarian said...

I love that I can say that running 6 miles is a short run and that running 3 miles seems like a waste (meaning I should be running more).

Running/exercise has become something I have to do... just like eating and breathing.

My husband now knows he can't book a hotel unless it has a fitness center. He also has begun to ask me how far I am going to run instead of if I am going to run.

Leah B. said...

I love this post! I feel the same. People don't quite understand sometimes. But I love it!

Silly Girl Running said...

Thanks, you guys! :) I guess I'm not the only weirdo out here, huh? ;)

@ Allison: I like the Newtons for runs up to 13 miles and speedwork. So comfy!

Run Jess Run said...

I gave up soda. Dr. Pepper and I no longer co-habitate.