It's about me?

Just a quick, but HUGE, shout out to Katye for featuring me in her 'Runs in the Family' series! Thanks, so much, Katye!

Want to read the post and Katye's hilarious comments? Here you go: Runs in the Family - the Dutch edition.

While you're there: read Katye's blog! She's down right amazing: not only is she pretty hilarious, she's also a TNT coach, and raises money for charity! It's on my 'favorite blogs' list, as in...I stalk Katye's blog...and won't miss a post...I'm actually at the point where I'm worried she might ask for a restraining order against me. ;)


misszippy said...

I supposed we all have our blogs that we stalk! I'll check hers out.

Anonymous said...

haha yeah right! you are so much fun! and so gorgeous! you have such a unique style in both blogging and running!