Three Things Thursday

1. Running skirts for Spring: Hi, I'm Christel and I'm a running skirt addict. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. It's a healthy addiction, right? Right? I copied those two 'preview' photos for the Spring/Summer line from the runningskirts.com Facebook-page. Cute prints!

Photo courtesy of www.runningskirts.com

Dear Running Skirts twins, when will the new Spring/Summer line come out? Please, please let it be soon. :) Pretty please?

2. Marathon training: Marathon training is somewhat different when you're just coming back from an injury. Slowly building the miles. Not janking it to 50 miles a week in week 1 post-injury. Lots of cross training. Honestly, it's hard - mentally. I constantly feel like I'm not putting in enough miles. I know I'll have to build my mileage slowly. I know I've been hitting the bike and the pool. But still, it's hard. Plus, I'm scared sh#t of getting yet another injury. Not the easiest marathon training cycle up to date. Enough said. Any thoughts or advice on this one?

3. Throwback Thursday: Moi. 9 years old. Cross Country skiing. Very fashionable 90's headband with matching fluorescent blue tights. And those sunglasses... Who needs Prada when what you could have is a Carrera Original?
Lesson learned: you should stick to the cross country slopes, and not take your cross country skies out onto the regular skiing slopes...



I am in so much freaking trouble!

Kevin @ Half TRI-ing said...
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Jason said...

Trust the plan. It won't fail you. You will get to your marathon goals with no problem.

Emz said...

loving the 9 year old photo. You look 6' tall!!

can't wait to see which skirt you get when the designs finally drop! ;)

Emz said...



thank you!!!!

Annet said...

dear chris, do not worrie, you're in no trouble at all! Training is going great!!!!!!!!!! who is making you grazy? the great outfit, the great look and the great spirit. Het komt wel goed!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ TMB: So am I, so am I...

@ Jason: Thanks! That's sweet! :)

@ Emz: Ha, you're welcome! ;) And yes, I probably was 6' tall. ;)

@ Annet: Thanks! ;) Wel lastig, hoor, verstandig zijn en marathontraining. Gaan niet samen. ;)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Love the old photos! and those tights. to.die.for ;-)

Slow and steady. slow and steady. That will get you through marathon training injury free!

running skirts? I wonder if it will ever be warm enough for them again. (tired of winter!)

LaVonne said...

Check this out: