Three Things Thursday

1. Lower legs: After Tuesday's run in my Newton racers (not that easy on the calves - note to self) and last night's slippery run (icy, icy roads!), my lower legs are all stiffish again. Ouch! I've already tried if my daily stretching routine would help, but nope, the legs need a bit of extra attention. So, I guess I'll be adding the stretches below to my stretching routine. And maybe schedule a lower leg massage. Any great stretching / de-ouching ideas for the lower legs?
Photo courtesy of Zollberg
2. Fundraising: A couple of days ago I 'announced' that I plan on running the New York City Marathon for Team Hole in the Wall. This is the link to my fundraising page, in case you're curious. Or want to put in a donation. ;)

Huge thanks Jen, Tracy and Ron for helping me raise money and donating on my fundraising page. Just...wow! :) Thanks, guys, this really means a lot to me! You rock! (And yes, Ron, in my book you put the 'rock' in Punk Rock Racing! Don't laugh at me, but I actually got all emotional just seeing the donations.)

3. Lordie: I've heard 'your dog is spoiled rotten' a lot in the last couple of weeks. I honestly don't understand how one could even think such a thing. :) ;)

Look at him, all pillowed up. :) Spoiled? Neeehh... ;)


misszippy said...

Stretch those calf muscles! Very cool how you are doing NY this year. Good for you.

Bethany + Ryan said...

Glad you are doing NYC again! Your pup is so darn cute!