Wait? What? You're not running an ultra this summer?

Ok, just to clear this up. No, I am not running an ultra this summer. Nor am I running a marathon. I am not super woman! Am I training to get back to marathon and ultra running, yes.

'But, I know this girl, who ran a marathon at 9 months pregnant.'

Well, considering the fact that I was induced at 37 weeks, I didn't do the full 9 months, huh.

'Ok, but I know this other girl, she ran through her pregnancy. That's also a great way to stay in shape and not gain too much weight.'

Well, yes, I had every intention to keep running throughout my pregnancy, but it turned out, that I was on semi bedrest from 16 weeks on, and on complete bedrest from week 26. And no working out since 8 weeks pregnant. Childbirth was a breeze, pregnancy wasn't. But I would do it again in a heart beat. Apparently, not every pregnancy is the same, so you really can't compare one pregnant lady to the other. 

'So, you're not in marathon shape yet?'

Uhm, no, I'm not. Hence the answer to your last question.

'Ok, but surely you're back to working out 10-16 hours a week, right?'

Ha! Oh, you're serious? I'm a single mom, and self-employed, so I want and have to fit in work outs in my boy's schedule. 

'Well, if you're not working out 10 hours a week, how are you going to get rid of the pregnancy weight?'

Uhm, most of it is gone, and those last couple of pounds - slowly. I'm no Hollywood celebrity that is back to working out 24 hours post delivery. And that six-pack - well, I think I'll manage fine without it.

'So, you're not into running anymore?'

Uh, what? Are you even listening? Nope, I am very much into running. I just had to stop running due to pregnancy. One of the best reasons out there, right? ;) Plus, pregnancy is an ultra marathon by itself. ;)

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