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So, what's been going on?

I am still running. Training. Running bug is still very much there. ;) Don't you worry about that. Ha!

Current plans: I hope to do the Goofy's Challenge at the Walt Disney Marathon this January. And the Brocken Challenge in February (a 50-miler / 80K). And the Eco-trail de Paris (50-miler / 80K) in March. I really hope to hop on a plane to Boston in April...to run the Boston Marathon. :) So, those are the planned races all through April. And I have already planned some races after that. I can't help myself. ;)

Apart from that, I'm still busy being self-employed. :) 


Physically, it pretty much sucks at the moment. TMI ALERT! In my last post I wrote about stopping birth control pills (detox to the max, hun!). Still very much sucky. The whole waiting for your cycle to find its way thing is no fun. I used to be clockwork regular before starting BCP, so that's what you're hoping for. And now it's just waiting till 'ya know what' comes. Frustrating. Especially when you read all these stories about it taking 6 months to a year on average. And 29 days into my cycle (I used to have a 28-day clockwork cycle) my tummy is bloated. Not charming. Not fun. Very uncomfortable. And no signs (cramps, headache, etcetera) of 'ya know what'. Doesn't help my running - the elastic band on running tights hurts. Blah! So, we could state I'm still freaking out. My current obsession: I've had numerous x rays and ct scans, and even an IVP, diagnosing the gazillion kidney stones I had in my early twenties. Ergo, I'm now worried like crazy that these messed up my cycle. Again, this bloated tummy does not help my running. 


On a completely different note: I have discovered the most delicious vegetarian sausage rolls out there. Check out Fry's Vegetarian. :)


T said...

I'm a couple of YEARS off of birth control, and my cycle is sometimes 30 days, sometimes 50+ days. Yep. And my PMS is worse than ever, and my periods are heavier, and my cramps are worse... but still, I wouldn't go back. I think the bloating is the worst. I'm a full size heavier those weeks.

giraffy said...

What ^^ said. I've been off for YEARS, and had my tubes tied, and my periods are worse than they were before kid #3. It's super fun. And, always a surprise. Yippee.


Anonymous said...

Met de problemen rond je ontwenning verschijnselen kan ik niet veel over meepraten. Maar wat vet wat je allemaal wilt gaan rennen, met name Boston is te gek ( en dan spreek ik uit ervaring. Maar ja, voor al onze hardloop plannen moeten we een lichaam hebben wat mee wil rennen.
Het gaat je goed!