Swiss Alpine Marathon K78 ultra - quick teaser

I. Freaking. Love. This. Race. And I'm not talking 'I love gum'-love, but 'LOVE LOVE LOVE'-love. Enough said. ;)

Finished my second Swiss Alpine Marathon K78 50 miler yesterday - had a freaking blast. Could not get that big smile off of my face. Okay - that's not entirely true. I did have my 'moments' while climbing to the Keschhuette. Then again - who doesn't? But still - had a great day (despite of the weather). Took me 10 hours 28 minutes and 41 seconds of FUN to finish this 50-ish miler / 79-ish K. With tons of meters / feet of elevation gain. I felt blessed from start to finish. :)

Full race report is coming up a.s.a.p.. As soon as the photos are online. 

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