Zensah Running Bra Review

When Zensah contacted me about a review on their running bra, I was thrilled to do so. Plus, I really wanted to like the running bra. Well...

Sorry...I'm not posting semi-nude pics of myself on this blog. ;) Bummer, I know. ;) Trust me, you're not missing out on anything. Ha!


Moisture wicking. Oh yeah. It does dry speedy speedy, which is a point for Zensah to me! :) After a hot and humid 6-miler, the bra was all sweaty wet, but didn't get heavy.


The running bra is seamless, which - as stated by Zensah - equals no chaffing. However...I have chaffing issues no matter what (seriously, I'm a freak of nature), so I did have some chaffing issues on said 6-miler. But...this was easily solved on a next run after applying some Asics no chafe gel.


This is where it went wrong. I do NOT have a lot going on under the hood (too much information...I know...). Zensah sent me a size S/M after I emailed them my dress and bra size, but the fit wasn't tight enough to keep the girls from bouncing. Too loose. I've read great reviews by other bloggers that all say the support is great. That's why I guess it must have been the sizing that was wrong. So...running bra wise this bra is a no-go for me. Luckily this bra comes in fun colors and dries superfast...it makes a perfect running top to wear over a running bra! And that's what I've been using it for. I've been wearing it as a top for longer runs and it's comfy. And looks cute: received lots of compliments on this one! Plus, for $35.99 it isn't too expensive for a great running top.


This running bra comes in 10 fun colors! Oh yeah, bye bye boring black and nude colored running bras! :)


I wouldn't wear this top as a running bra. Maybe if it came in a smaller size, that was tight enough to keep everything in place. As a running top it works perfectly! Plus, the bra comes in fun colors!


Becka said...

You are so brave to run in a bra top! I could never!!

master said...

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