What I think about when I'm running - the 'I'm a nutcase'-post

Recently the Running Times had an article on what runners think about during their run (http://wpblogs.runningtimes.com/blogs/talktest/?p=696). This got me thinking about what I think about during my runs. So I tried to keep track of my thoughts on last night's run. And here you have it: the pathetic result of 55 minutes of marathon pace work...

I'm off! Woohoo! Let's get all the work thoughts out of my mind. Wonder if my new Mizuno's will leave me with ouchie knees again. Be good, shoes! Watch out, a car! Stupid driver, totally ignored a stop sign. Watch your core. Watch the ol' running form. That's it. Relax the shoulders. OK, I'm definitely not able to hold this pace for 55 minutes. This is my marathon pace, this is not a good thing. I should be able to hold this pace for 55 minutes. Heck, I should be able to hold it for 4 hours. I'm slow. I will not BQ...ever. I'm slow. I'm sloooooow. Boohooo. Hmmmm...cute guy. Wonder if he...hey! He's smiling at me. Try to smile at him without looking like you're in pain. Come on, you can do it! OK, that didn't work. Run smoothly and gracefully now. He might be looking. Oh, he's not. Probably because your smile would be perfect for Frankenstein's bride. Wooh, that lady has bad running form. Join a running group lady! Cute top, though! Oh, and she's fast. Bad running form = fast. Ouch, my legs are hurting. Is my shin splints hitting me by surprise again? No, no, I don't need another injury. I will never be able to run the New York Ma...Oh, shin splints is sort of OK now. Stride, stride, stride. Ouch, The Hip is hurting. Just wait and see if it goes away. Go away, please, go away! OK, the Hip feels better. Mind your breathing, you'll get all cramped up. Too late, I'm cramped up now. Breathe in...out....in....out.... That made it better. I'm fine now. How many miles have I run yet? Not even one? Blimey, this is going to be pure torture! Hey, I know her! Wave! Hello! You know me! Don't pretend that you don't! Wave! Oh, she's on the phone...that would make it OK not to say 'Hi'. I guess. Am I halfway there yet? Check the watch; I'm not. OK, enjoy the scenery a bit. It's pretty out here! Look at the cows! Hello, cowie! Hello, little cowie. OK, this is weird, I'm getting friendly with a cow. Am I really turning into a spinster? Or, even worse, a cat lady? Hmmm...I love Coldplay. Tadadadadada Tadadadadada Tadadadadada. OK, mind your step! Hole in the road! Tadadadadada Tadadadadada... OK, I'm enjoying this. I looooooove running. It's windy out here. Check the runningskirt. No butt showing? Nope,everything's covered. I hope. This pace isn't so bad, actually. Tadadadadada lalalalala! Ahhhhh, rain! Nice and cool. I don't mind the rain. Tadadadada Tadadadada! I like this. This is a good run. Ahhhhh! I'm almost there. OK, let's pick up the pace a bit. Woohooo! She shoots, she scores! Finished, done! OK, I deserve a margarita now.

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