Friday Favorites - Oh, the joy of all the new Fall/Winter running gear!

Here comes trouble! Most of the companies selling running gear are getting their Fall/Winter 11/12 gear out there for us 'addicts' to drool over. A quick selection of my favorites (so far ;)):

1. Love the fun print on this long sleeve!

For sale here. Retails at $70.

2. Not too sure about the 'flattering' shape of these babies (part of me knows that even Leann Rimes will look like a hippo in these capris), but I kind of like them for not being the usual all black!

For sale here. Retails at $55.


1. 'Run Happy'...need I say more?

For sale here. Retails at $32. $25.95 at www.runningwarehouse.com.

2. It's pink. And will keep my ears from freezing off. Sounds like a solid investment.

For sale here. Retails at $24. $19.95 at www. runningwarehouse.com.

1. Their ViziPro tights are amazing! They provide that much needed bit of extra safety on early morning and evening runs!

For sale here. Retails at $65. $51.95 at www.runningwarehouse.com.


1. If you only plan on buying one item of running gear this Fall, make sure it's this one. This jacket is worth the money. Trust me!

For sale here. Retails at $100. $74.88 at www.runningwarehouse.com.


The new Runningskirts line (Fall/Winter '11/'12) is scheduled to be available in September. Check their Facebook page for a sneak peek of the new line. The new prints are adorable!

To all the European skirthusiasts: you can also order through their Dutch agent: http://www.hiphardlopen.nl/!


Kirstie said...

I like that run happy shirt, very cute. That pink jacket is nice too! Isn't it amazing no matter how much gear we already have how much more we "need"? LOL

Becka said...

i am dying of excitement waiting for the new skirt line. I am LOVING the paisley fall colors!

I have such a hard time running in long sleeves :(