Three Things Thursday - the 'New York New York' edition

1. New York City Marathon: A little over two months left till:

Fundraising (check my fundraising button on the sidebar!) is still on track (well, actually I've reached my fundraising goal, but am still fundraising). A little over $ 6,000 raised: that's two kids going to camp! Still trying to trick anyone around me into donating a bit more, though! Those Hole in the Wall Camps are such a great cause!

2. The wild side: Speaking of New York. Any native New Yorkers or frequent visitors that have any tips on national parks to visit in upstate New York? Mountains, preferably... ;)

3. Come fly with me: The issues with my mom's service dog traveling with her to NY are still not 100% settled (I wrote about this a couple of months ago). And the airline keeps getting ruder. Why is it so hard to take a disabled passenger with her service dog on the plane and seat her properly? Extra frustrating, since this mess implies that we're still not 100% sure that NY is actually going to happen. And, nope, swimming there is not an option... I really really really do hope that this can be settled!


Barborkas said...

I still do not have my number (don't want to talk about it, complicated issue). But I am thinking about going to US for that period anyway as I planned my holidays around it. So we can meet up there :)

BTW ... silly, silly and bad airlines!

Becka said...

Wow, congrats on reaching your fundraising goal! I cannot believe the airline can't get their stuff together. How incredibly frustrating. I certainly hope you are using all resources you can to get to the powers that be and shed some media attention on this. AWFUL.

Johann said...

New York Marathon...great! I'll be afraid I get lost between all the people. That is really disgusting that you have so many issues with the airline. Hope everything settles soon so that you can plan your journey properly.

RunningRonald said...

Dit filmpje ken ik :) tig keer gekeken toen ik naar de NYCM2006 ging.. onwijsssss cool!!