Tuesday Tidbits - The 'Meh' post

Let the 'meh'ing begin. ;) (And yes, I do know there a so many things out there worse than the ones below! ;))

1. Realizing that the new model of your favorite trail running shoes (Salomon Speedcross) is wider than the old model. Too wide for your feet. And now your Googling your butt off to find every single pair of the old model in your size, and stocking up on those. Meh.

2. Getting all excited about a race you really really hope to do next year (UTMB's CCC distance). Then reading that the race has a lottery. One where most runners won't get in. And with your luck in lotteries...well...let's just say you'll have to look for a Plan B race. Nothing you can do about it, but still...Meh.

3. Power black-outs. When you're trying to finish a document for a client. Meh.

4. Friends complaining about your training regime ('I find it strange that you have time to train, but don't have time to go clubbing.') And then making you feel guilty about it. Meh.

5. Your favorite running skirt looking ready to retire. Meh. (Then again...this does imply that you have a reason to look for a new one. ;)).

6. Headaches/migraines. Meh.

7. Water dripping from your bathroom ceiling. Meh.

8. Fall weather in August. Meh. (although the colder weather is so much nicer to run in! :))

What's your 'Meh' moment of the day? Spill it all out! :)


ltlindian said...

school starting for the kids tomorrow. meh and yay!

employees that fight and then create a problem that I now have to deal with. meh.

same employee problem that I have to deal with on my lunch hour, which is when I go spin. so I have to miss my workout. meh.

being the boss sucks sometimes.

Silly Girl Running said...

Okay, you deserved some Meh! Bleh, that sucks!

misszippy said...

Lots of meh in there! Mine is that thanks to the hurricane, my kids did not get to start school yesterday. Or today. Meh!

B. Jarosz said...

1.5 year old laptop died (for the second time) and must now be replaced by a newer, more reliable model, because it's too expensive to repair. meh for the laptop death.

and double-meh for the fact that expensive repairs make junking the old one more financially prudent than fixing it, even though it's wasteful. meh! meh!

Cody said...

Went a little farther than I should have in a new pair of Vibrams that I am still breaking in. I now have a blood blister on the balls of my feet that stretches almost the entire width of my foot. Meh

Paula IJzerman said...

Stupid colleagues from other part of the plant seem to keep forgetting that start production at their end at 8 in the morning means start production at my part at 3 in the night. Meh.

And extra meh because they keep forgetting to inform me (us) about the planning, so I have to check them all the time AND I have to arrange preparation at times I normally don't work (like in the evening). Like I said: meh.