Three Things Thursday

1. That's a big fat lie!: Lying about race times. Hmmmm... I'd say: why? Who are you fooling? Who cares what your finishing time is? Tracy has a quite interesting blog post on this subject: here. Read it. Seriously... I'm in awe!

*note to self: if I ever do need to hire a PI...I'm hiring Tracy...no matter what! That girl has some serious PI skills!

2. Marathon training: Funny how marathon training can drag you into that 'following the plan' zone, that leads you through everyday life. It sure does kick you off that 'A race done' cloud. Back to marathon training it is. I'm postponing the Yasso's till next week (I feel it might be too much on my body at this point - since it's been only 2 1/2 weeks since the Swiss Alpine ultramarathon. Better safe than sorry? Yep, sounds plausible.). Been considering swapping a couple of Yasso work outs for longer intervals. Just to spice things up. (Ha! Did I really just write that? ;))

What kind of interval work outs do you do during marathon training?

3. About that 50-miler: Just checked the Eco-Trail de Paris (50-miler/80K) website, and apparently this race has only 4 (maybe even less) aid stations on the whole 50+ miles, 2 of them being 22 miles apart... I need a larger pack. I really need a larger backpack. Why? I drink a lot. A lot lot. Thanks sucky chronic kidney thingie I was born with.

Any recommendations on a trail running pack that isn't too bulky, but carries 2L water minimum and the mandatory gear? I'm a huge fan of the Salomon S-lab pack, but that one seems too small for this particular race. And the Nathan packs are okay for shorter runs and hikes, but on longer runs...ouch...blisters on my back (no kidding...).


T said...

I would LOVE to work as a PI!

T said...

Oh, also? What you need is obviously a crew to hang out in Paris I mean meet you on the course with aid ;)

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe that the blogger feels the need to lie about race times. It really bothers me because it's people like her that make me feel like my slowness is a problem. Tracy is awesome!

I know Kara (itsadoglickbabyworld.blogspot.com) uses a Nathan hydration vest on her ultras. I'm sure she could give you good suggestions!

Silly Girl Running said...

@T: You might be onto something there. ;) A crew for that 50-miler would come in pretty handy. ;)

@runningonwords: Thanks! :) I have a Nathan pack, but it doesn't work for me on longer runs (chaffing). :)

Kevin @ HalfTRIing said...


Try looking at these.


Beth said...

I love love LOVE my Nathan Intensity Hydration pack. It carries 70 oz (4L?) of fluid and has two front pockets and a bigger back pocket. It's also really comfortable. I wore it for a 50k and a few 20 mile runs and it was amazing.