Stick it to 'em

Photo courtesy: I <3 to run.

'You've got to be realistic here: you're just not 'designed' for this type of races.'

'You're nuts. What point are you trying to make?'

'You? Seriously? No. Sorry. Not in a million years.'

'What are you running from? You might want to see a shrink about this...'

'It's just ridiculous. You're out of your mind, and I do not mean that in a good way.'

'There is no way that this can end well. Such a ridiculous way of life.'

Just a compilation of the sh%t I've been trying to ignore lately. And yes, I know I'm not the only runner/triathlete that has been dealing with nasty remarks like the ones mentioned above. Sad, if you'd ask me. Plus, I can handle some trash talking. No problemo. But, guys, enough is enough! You get to a point where it's no longer considered funny to catapult anything running/working out.

Apparently, doing what you love doing, and minding your own business while doing so, makes some people around you want to...well...blurt out their thoughts on the sad little person that they believe you are. Both behind your back, and in your face. Did I mention the 'minding my own business while doing so' part? It's not like I hop around all day and every day, humming that I love running, and that I loved my first ultra, and that I loved those marathons I did this Spring. Nope, I don't even bring the whole 'running' thing up in conversation. And nope, I do not wear running gear to work, dinner, etcetera. Okay, there are some 'compression sock tan lines' (it's a word), but that's it. There's no 'I {heart} running and non-runners suck' tattoo on my forehead. At least, last time I checked there wasn't. Maybe I should get one... ;) But still...what is it with human beings that makes them feel the need to throw their opinion all over you, like a huge pile of 'I drank to much beer and ate garlic' vomit (see, I didn't say sh^t this time. :)).

The thought that springs to mind - every single bleeping time that someone is talking sh^t about my running and/or running in general - is: why?

Having a strong opinion on a certain subject, well...I understand that. What I seriously do not understand is why you'd feel the need to make anyone deliberately feel bad about themselves...based on something that they love doing. Especially a 'harmless' thing called running. And yes, I do understand a 'you and your stupid running' remark if and when a person would hop around yelling 'running is so cool and non-runners suck' all day. Then again...if this would be post race / post PR, it would qualify as perfectly normal behavior. In my opinion... Any other remark, I do not get.

What ever happened to living your own life? And letting others do the same? Did I not get that memo?

But - for the haters - , once and for all.

1. Not 'designed' for long distance running? Thanks for your concern, but my quads will do just fine.

2. What point I'm trying to make? None. By the way, how's your cholesterol been lately?

3. Not in a million years? Luckily neither of us would be around to see what happens in a million years.

4. What I'm running from? Well...if you'd ask me: nothing. You sort of make me want to run from you, though.

5. Ridiculous? Schmadiculous. I'm not even going to answer this one.

6. There is no way this can end well? Well, since you're apparently blessed with some psychic powers...how about that BQ? Ever going to happen?

Stick it to 'em. Hard. ;)


Becka said...

I couldn't agree more. The two I hear most often are:

1. "You're sort of obsessed with this, aren't you? When are you going to stop this nonsense?"

2. "It takes you HOW long? Why run if you don't have a chance of winning?"


Silly Girl Running said...

@ Becka: My point exactly! Why would you say such a thing? The only reason I could think of is making the other person feel bad about themselves, right?

Becka said...

I can't figure out WHY people even care enough to say something. Doesn't make sense. It's not like I'm snorting crack or something. I'M RUNNING. That's it.

Paul said...

Wow..you really get a huge dose of crap about your running!

I don't have nearly the same problem...very rare.

All the hoopla about the book Born To Run may have helped.

Perhaps people are more tolerant of being different here...dunno.

Anyway, we just smile and ignore them 8)

Turi said...

Running FROM? I'd never even thought of it that way. More like running TO - as in, toward a goal...

B. Jarosz said...

You definitely struck a chord here.

My worst: getting accosted by a meathead weight lifter guy -- a complete stranger, I might add -- while I was getting a pedicure. I couldn't even walk away! (Note: meathead was getting a manicure at the time, and had the nerve to tell me running was dumb? Mind your own damned business, boy!)

My biggest pet peeve: "You ran how far? I wouldn't even DRIVE that far!" (My response, in my head: Yes. Because you're a lazy arse.) :)

And just for fun: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cw5MHsO-JI8&feature=related

ltlindian said...

Screw them. Jealous is what they are. Jealous that you have a goal and work hard to attain it. So sorry so many are negative around you. I (so far) only have people give me positive feedback.

Bean said...

It seems that people who don't run never quite understand what it is that drives those who do run. I know I will never win the race I am running, but I win every time I choose to put myself first and find joy in what I do. And if you find joy in running, power to you (and my calf muscles always look way better than those who feel the need to comment negatively so there is always that:)).

Bridget said...

Wow. How have you not punched someone in the face? I used to get that type of smack talk until I started giving it back. Such as, asking point blank, "Wow. That was sort of rude." Or "Your support is overwhelming."

My theory is they feel bad because they have no excuse for being a lazy ahole, therefore, want to make you feel bad because you are out there doing something they should be doing. God forbid, they would..gasp...exercise.

Viper said...

Nice post. I usually just try to laugh it off, but you're right that sometimes enough is enough. Cheers!

Amanda M. Carey said...

The blogging community must get a lot of negativity. This is the second post I have seen on negativity today. Running with Sass has a write up on dealing with it on her page.....if you want to check it out. Good luck and stay strong. Get the I "heart" running tattoo! LOL!


Silly Girl Running said...

Thanks, Amanda! Negativity from comments on my blog isn't the problem: it's my co-workers. ;)