Post-race blues - Been there?

This Swiss Alpine ultramarathon two weeks ago was my A-race for this year. The one race that I really really wanted to do this year. The race that degraded every other race, marathon or not, to a 'training run. The race that made the Amsterdam Marathon this October and the NYC Marathon this November 'something fun to in the last few weeks of the year'. The race that made me drive everyone around me crazy. I could not stop talking about it.

And now it's mid-August. Two weeks have passed since the race. And the race, this experience, was everything I'd hoped it to be... and more.

So, here I am. A-race for the year - done. Some marathons to look forward to in the Fall. Plan on running those for fun. No PR attempts...nuh-oh. But still...I feel 'blah'. Post-race blues? I guess so. I've never had this before (that is, in the 18 months that I've been into running now). Last Saturday the blues had reached a point where I couldn't take myself out into the rain to run a lousy 6-miler (10K). Seriously. A 6-miler. Then again, I did a 13.5 miler (21.5K) the next day and loved every minute of it.

But still...I miss the pre Swiss Alpine ultramarathon excitement. The A-race jitters. A cure? I couldn't find one... No kidding, I googled it. ;)

Have you ever experienced a serious case of the post-race blues? Any cure for this one?


B. Jarosz said...

Definitely been there.
The only cure I've found... start planning your next big adventure (race, travel, whatever). ;)
Or do yoga. :)

Beth said...

Yep, I get this after my big "A" race every year. Usually you just need to take a few weeks off.... or where you don't force yourself to do anything. You can come back a month later feeling refreshed and really WANTING to train for the next big thing.

Sara said...

Yes! I am going through some sort of post-race blues now (or some kind of blues!) since my fist marathon in May.

I feel really down and am finding it hard to get back into training. Good to know I am not alone - hang int here and I hope you feel better soon!

T said...

I think this is most definitely normal. Sometimes it's hard, post-race, to remember why we run: first and foremost for ourselves, whether or not there's a finish line involved.

Also, it's perfectly a-okay to take time off if you need. You know I'm not one of those "listen to your body, love yourself" weirdos, but you just did something killer and if you don't want to run for a bit? Don't. It's better to skip a bunch of runs now and then get back to it once you're desperate for it again.

Johann said...

I've never had this. I think it is because I always have numerous A goals lined up. My A goal list is planned for the next 7 years already...crazy, but that's me.:)

chris mcpeake said...

Often get this. Set a new goal and just run through it. It will be gone before you know it.

The Green Girl said...

I'm so impressed by Johann, I can hardly reply!

Barborkas said...

It is definitely normal!!! Not only after races, but after all the "A-list" things. Like finally finishing my thesis, that was a big one :D But running is more fun and I think the next A-list goal is a great option.

Don't push it, relax, enjoy the freedom and the next A race will creep in!