Just a quick note!

Just wanted to say hi and 'I'm still alive'. Internet access has been a #^@^@& up here in the Swiss Alps, so putting up the race report and posting updates on this blog will take a bit longer than expected. Plan on going home to the Netherlands tomorrow, so everything should be posted soon!

This internet access thingie also implies that I haven't been able to follow up on all your blogs, so please share any 'you shouldn't miss this' info with me! :)


Becka said...

I can't wait for your full recap. That is all :D

Jamie said...

The swiss alps sound so exciting! Hope you're having fun!

BikramYoginiRunner said...

I just discovered your blog while browsing for races in the alps. I am Austrian but I live in the US. I am running New York City this year, my first marathon :-) I hope to run the 3-Country Marathon (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) one day. Love the Swiss Alpine Marathon recap and the blog pictures are lovely. I am thinking of adding this to my running bucket list.

This is my blog: http://conquering26-2.blogspot.com/ I just started.