Three Things Thursday - the 'There's a Throwback Thursday in here' post

Ran: 5 miles / 8K with the dogs - 42:50 minutes + Cycling: 30 minutes
1. My new Newtons were sparkly white when I opened the box less than 24 hours ago. This is what one lousy 4.5 miler does to new running shoes. Lucky for me, I'm not going for the fashionable and crispy white look. I like it dirty. ;) Yep, I said 'I like it dirty'. And no, I'm not referring to 'that', I'm referring to trail running. ;)

Aren't they pretty? ;)

2. Tomorrow is New Year's Eve 2010 already. Another year has gone by. As for my private life: it wasn't a walk in the park. Not the easiest year, at all. But I do feel like all these personal 'battles and bumps (to be honest...some were mountain-like bumps) in the road' made me a stronger girl - mentally.
As for running: I do realize that this may sound corny, but it honestly seems like just a week ago that I picked up running (January 2010). And I'm still in awe over how much my life has changed (for the positive) in these past 12 months. It's been a heck of a ride, but I truly feel like this is where I'm supposed to be right now, and that this is the 'real me'. And I haven't felt like that in a long time. A long long time.

3. Last but not least: the post Kevin (http://halftriing.blogspot.com/) has been anxiously waiting for all week. Throwback Thursday!
This is me. I must have been about 2 years old in this photo. The photo was taken in France, on a summer holiday with the family.
As you've probably already noticed, I'm sporting the 'preppy European girl' look. Lacoste shirt: check. Striped Bermudas: check. And, yes, I am a girl. Hence the hair. I actually had the same haircut as my mom back then. And Twiggy. And Agyness Deyn. One might even say that Agyness stole my look. I won't hold that against her. That's just not the kind of person I am. ;) Plus, it looks better on 2 year old Me anyway. ;)


Kevin @ Half TRI-ing said...

Awesome. I remember those shirts with the little alligator on them. The shoe lace on the pacifier is also classic.

I say your hairstyle now is a bit more feminine. I would not go back to that look. But you could try the MacGyver.


Silly Girl Running said...

@ Kevin: I think I'll pass on that one. The MacGyver looks better on you anyway. ;)

Bethany + Ryan said...

ha, great picture! So glad you found running in 2010!! :-) Happy new year!

Ms. Duffy said...

You've accomplished a ridiculous amount in just one year of running - mad props to you! Also, you were a really cute 2-yr-old. :)Happy New Year!

Danielle said...

I'm more a dirty kinda girl too...with my running shoes. If they are crispy clean then they don't look used. I want someone to be able to tell I have been bustin my butt! : )
Awesome year in running!

nikeathena said...

Running shoes should be dirty. I have a friend that immediately takes her new shoes on a mud run. I'm always afraid I'll discover I don't like them and won't be able to take them back. Not that I've ever returned shoes, so it's not like this is a rational fear.

Why don't they make those polos anymore? They were classic!

Lisa said...

Sorry I haven't stopped by for a while, it's been a crazy month or so. I love the picture in your header, beautiful!

Cute shoes, but I hope they don't stay that white for long! Have a wonderful New Years and I hope 2011 is a great year for you!

Becka said...

1. You finally got your Newtons!! YAY!!
2. Running is a crazy deal. You have done so many amazing things since you started, I can't wait to hear about all your adventures in 2011.
3. I love throwback pictures. Adorable :)

Amanda@runninghood said...

I like my shoes a little on the dirty side too. And I Love the pictures of your 2 year old self! so cute. It has been hard for me to write, read, take care of my kids, and still get around to reading everyone's blogs but happy to find yours and hope to read more.

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Bethany+Ryan: Happy New Year to you both too! :)

@ Ms Duffy: I'm even cuter now! ;) Ha! ;)

@ Danielle: That sounds like me! I actually feel a bit embarrassed running around in sparkly white new shoes! They are just so in your face!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ nikeathena: They still make those polos! Check out www.lacoste.com!

@ Lisa: Thanks! I hope 2011 brings you everything you could ever wish for! :)

@ Becka: You won't believe how difficult it was to find the stability version of the Lady Isaac in my size (huuuuuge Dutch feet)!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Amanda: Thanks! :)