Three Things Thursday - Cold weather running essentials

1. The North Face Hybrid Windstopper Running tights. Windstopper: enough said.
Those are 'fitted tights', meaning, they have a somewhat 'loose fit', compared to 'normal' tights. I find this extremely comfy for the trail running I do in winter.

2. Salomon XA PRO 3D Ultra Goretex running shoes. Goretex + Contagrip running sole = instant love. By the way, this doesn't mean that I'll be neglecting my Inov-8 running shoes. :)

3. For the extremely chilly runs in low temps: Vaseline. It will keep your nose from freezing off. Promise! :)

What are your cold weather running essentials?


Kirstie said...

My must haves: Sugoi MidZero Balaclava-Every time I leave the house without it thinking I won't need it, I end up kicking myself because my face is always so cold. Convertible gloves/mittens-Gloves aren't warm enough and mittens could be annoying but convertible gloves are great. If you get to warm, flip the top and let the tops of your fingers get some cool and and you are good to go! Smartwool socks- I don't leave home without them!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Kirstie: Great list!

nikeathena said...

I love my Hard Wear running gloves.

T said...

What do you do with the vaseline? You put it on your nose, seriously? I've never heard of that!

Emz said...

a sports bra & shorts.

Want to visit?! ;)

Char said...

My Winters are so mild my only essentials are capri tights and a long technical top. I think I wore some light gloves once this year.

the dawn said...

i'm curious about that vaseline...

Silly Girl Running said...

@ NikeAthena: Have you tried the Saucony Vizipro running gloves? Great for winter running too!

@ T: It works! It seriously keeps your nose and cheeks from freezing off!

@ Emz: Yep. ;)

@ Char: Light gloves once this year...you have got to be kidding me. ;)

@ the dawn: It's like a softshell layer for your face; it works!

Kevin said...

WHAT NO BRIGHT PINK RUNNING SKIRT!! The world is going to end! Don't they make pink, plaid running tights somewhere?

We do not have cold weather here in FL. But a love my Saucony running gloves, Chap Stick, my Nike fleece compression shirt, and my running cap.


RunningRonald said...

Thermo ondergoed! De craft shirtjes zijn weer uit de kast.. en ja, ook de onderbroekjes... ik stel het zo lang mogelijk uit.. maar moet ze nu toch wel dragen (draag liever niets) maar buiten de standaard modellen heb ik een hele sexy, voor als het onwijs hard waait :) ongeveer dit model..
pas op.. libido-killer!