Three Things Thursday - the 'I'm in a New York State of Mind' post

Ran: 6.3 miles / 10 km - 52:30 min (what? me?) - tempo run with the dogs
1. I've been asking around about what to wear for the New York Marathon, and I was told I should wear something a. with my name on the front and back, and b. that stands out in a crowd. OK, there's a dilemma to battle! It would be nice to not look like a total goofball, for a change, though. That said, I'll probably go for a skirt from the new runningskirts.com fall/winter line. And I would like to do something creative with either my nationality (orange or red/white/blue coloured shirt? Or wear a piece of Dutch Gouda on my head...too much? Yeah, probably...) or my profession (no, I don't intend on sueing people along the way...just looking for a creative way to add a subtle and fun hint).
All thoughts on this one are more than welcome! So, please, don't hold back, and blurt out your 'that would be fun' ideas. Please. :)

As long as you just don't suggest that I should wear this guy's costume. Not going to happen! Sorry...

How did he cross the finish line? He must have been exhaused! Wow!

2. I like (OK, love) to plan ahead! Especially when I'm as excited about something as I am about the New York Marathon! And I would really like to go to dinner the night of the marathon (Nov. 7th that is ;) :)), and have some good food. Doesn't have to be expensive or fancy, just some 'WoW! Perfect ending of a perfect day' kind of food in a nice restaurant. Let's just hope that I won't end up struggling to finish the marathon...and end up in my hotel room with GI issues and aching legs.

Which restaurants on Manhattan serve this kind of 'WoW' food? And also have a cosy ambiance. Just somewhere you want to go after finishing a marathon (I. Must. Finish. This. Marathon.) Which restaurant can you recommend?

3. 58 days 'till the New York Marathon!!! Yay! Oh, and be prepared to hear a lot of 'YaY! ...days 'till the NYCM!' in the next couple of weeks (8 1/2 weeks to be exact).

And for you to share in my 'YAY! New York Marathon!' excitement, a video of last year's marathon. Love the song, by the way!

In case you can't watch the video or it's not working properly, you can also use this link:



misszippy said...

I LOVE NY and go as often as I can. As to what to wear--definitely go w/ orange and show your country's colors! I'm predicting we're going to have a warm fall b/c we haven't had one in a while, so be prepared for potentially warm marathon.

As to restaurants--my all-time favorite is called Balthazar. It's a great little bistro down in Soho--you can go fairly casual, it has great atmosphere, and the food is out of this world! You do need to book pretty far out though, which I would guess is the case for most popular restaurants that weekend.

Silly Girl Running said...

@ MissZippy: Thanks! :) Fingers crossed for some nice fall weather on the marathon (i.e. no rain!). I will google Balthazar; thanks! :)

Meghan D said...

Look into Little Owl, Locanda Verde, Prune, Dell'anima (the owner is also running!), ABC Kitchen...I could go on for days, but that's a good start. :)

Ms. Duffy said...

I passed that guy around mile 4 or 5 last year! I think he started in the second wave, and I started in the third. Apparently, one can't run very fast in that outfit, but he got mucho crowd support.

My restaurant recommendations would have something to do with where you're staying. Do you know which neighborhood you'll be in? I'm thinking you won't want to have to run around too much, and if you're staying in Manhattan there's going to be a lot of choices...

sdowney509 said...

I am sorry...I had to comment. I was running NYC last year...and actually found my cell camera while I was running so I could take a picture of that guy running with the Eiffel Tower. Great blog btw!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Meghan D: Thanks! :)

@sdowney: Thanks for visiting! :)

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Ms. Duffy: Hahahaha! Nope...I already figured he wasn't aiming for a world record in that outfit.;) Too funny that you actually passed him!
I'm staying near Grand Central Station; do you have any good options in that 'hood? :)