Confessions of a single runner

OK, this one is going to be brutally honest. But there's just no other way to put it. By the way, this is not a personal ad. Just to get that clear.
My household consists of my dog Lordie, my two cats and Me, Myself and I. That's it. No guy. Not even a friend with benefits. And the four of us couldn't be happier.
Ofcourse, it wasn't always just me and the fur balls. There was a guy. Heck, there were several guys, but at the moment there is none. Nada.
The last guy couldn't cope with the fact that I run a minumum of 35-38 miles a week. Work and running take up most of my time. Ofcourse I spend time with my friends, I'm not a complete weirdo. But you get the point. He figured that there wasn't enough time left to hang out with him. I had a choice: it was either him or running. So, he had to go. No-brainer.
With the guy gone, I all of a sudden had more time to run / work out, so I added strength training and extra miles (well, marathon training does that...I needed to run extra miles). Since I am really getting serious about this marathon thing, I don't go out clubbing / pubbing as often as I used to. And, that's why nowadays most of the men I meet are fellow runners. 'Perfect combo', wouldn't you think? Nope...not really.
For starters, 1. I'm not one of those flirty runners that's able to flirt her ass off while running 7 minute mile-intervals. 2. Running = sweating and I sweat a lot. A lot lot. Not very sexy, huh? 3. When I'm running, I'm running. It's my me-time. And I really don't feel like trying hard to get a guy to like me during that me-time.
Taken into account that I do fancy the athletic type (the chubby, not so athletic guys my friends meet in pubs, just don't do it for me), dating a fellow runner would be the way to go...But, considering 1, 2 and 3, that's probably not going to happen any time soon. ;)
And you know what, no matter what my friends and family say ('you're heading towards your thirties, shouldn't you marry and settle down' YUGH!), I don't mind being single! Honestly, I don't! I'm having a blast!
I'm very well aware of the fact that society feels that it's 'not normal' for a girl in her late twenties to be single. And that it's also a bit weird for this girl to be perfectly happy. And that it's definitely pretty strange that this girl has no intention at all to desperately start looking for a guy to marry at this very moment. Not to mention my aunts telling me that 'it will be my time soon' and 'such a pretty girl will not end up as an old spinster'.
I couldn't care less. Next year's calendar is filled with races. And training / work outs. And girl weekend's around these races. The thought of that full calendar alone makes me smile.
So, please, I ask you, do not feel sorry for me. Do not ask me whether or not my biological clock is trying to tell me something (I'm hitting snooze everytime that thing's bothering me). And most definitely don't try to hook me up with one of your boyfriend's pathetic friends.
I'm fine. I'm not a freak. I'm just a perfectly happy single runner.
Ran: 5.6 miles / 9 km - 51 min - easy run


Emz said...

YAY for happy.

I love this post.

I'm with you on #1,2 & 3.

I'm happy my hubby DOESN'T run. He's half the reason I get out and run! ;)

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Emz: you're lucky to have a husbando that doesn't give you a hard time on the running!

T said...

Obviously the solution to this is to move to NYC. Here are my reasons:
-as a foreigner, you would be "exotic" and therefore you would have no problem attracting your choice of men.
-most (not all) men here are vain enough to go to the gym regularly, at least.
-older is younger here. By that I mean that being in your 30s here is the equivalent of being in your 20s in other places. I have many many single friends in their 30s, none of whom could care at all about "still" being single.

Obviously I'm teasing you. But you're right in not letting it matter to you. Being absolutely ancient compared to you, at 33, I've watched my friends get married and now get divorced. And let me tell you, from what I gather, being a divorcee in her early 30s is not something to aspire to.

But I think it's always something with those outside voices. Having lived with my bf for 5 years - 5 happily unmarried years - my family is only now beginning to accept that we're OKAY w/no wedding and we may never have kids. Or we might, who knows, but we certainly won't do it because of my mom's whining about wanting grandkids!

misszippy said...

I say good for you! Being happy with your life is so important. Being happy without needing someone to "make" you happy is even better. If it's meant to be, the right guy will come along and accept you exactly as you are.

Becka said...

I enjoyed being single too! I did eventually meet someone, he is not a runner though, so that is still "me" time. I love that you're so happy!!!!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

It is very hard to balance a runner's life with a non runner (or even rec runner). Hubbs has become less interested in running and I have only wanted to go farther and farther. And I have always liked being alone. It's not weird.

Kuddos to you for figuring it out so young! Enjoy your me time if someone else is meant to fit into your picture they will, if not you already have the best company. You!

Anonymous said...

I so envy your single lifestyle! I remember when I was in my early 20's and spent all of my spare time reading books and riding my bike. It was so great to be able to decide on a whim that it was time to go for an all day bike ride. That doesn't happen so much now that I have a family, in fact, the bike hasn't even made it out of the basement this year with the marathon training.

Enjoy your life! It sounds fabulous! :)

Zaneta said...

How wonderful that you are happy the way things are! Dont do something (or go out with someone) just because someone else thinks you should! Your time will come if its meant to be! :D I do have to disagree with you though... I think sweating is sexy :)

Run Jess Run said...

Good for you!! Speak from my own experience, it's worth it to wait. I really made a big deal to people similar to yours and I bagged me a good one. Totally worth it to wait for the right guy.

Silly Girl Running said...

@ T: LOL! You're hilarious; I might have to move to NYC now. ;) No, seriously, you're right! Those outside voices, huh...Might buy myself a pair of earplugs.;)

Silly Girl Running said...

@ MissZippy: Thanks! :)

@ Becka: Well, your guy is not a runner, but you did get him to join you in the Warrior Dash. :)

@ winelush: Thanks! :)

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Zaneta: Hahaha...well, OK, sweating can be sexy on some occassions. I just don't think running is one of them. ;)

@ Jess: Thanks! :) But, you, know...the whole point is that I'm not waiting. That might just be why I'm having such a blast. ;)

One Crazy Penguin said...

Cheers to you! I have tried to explain the exact same thing to people and they simply don't understand. It's better to be happy with yourself and doing what you want rather than being with someone simply for the sake of being with someone!

Keep doing what you do :)

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