Squeeze me, baby!

Ran: 6.3 miles / 10 km - intervals - running group
Due to my shin splints issues I usually wear compression socks or sleeves on my runs. Love them, wouldn't run without them. I have to admit the look of it is not very sexy, but matched with a runningskirt I might just get away with the catholic school girl look. ;) Just might.

And I honestly believed that these compression socks were the compression product of the moment. Boy, was I wrong! Apparently there's a whole world filled with compression products out there!

Saucony Amp Pro2

Saucony has this new line of compression products: Amp Pro2. They explain the 'how it works'of the Amp Pro2 line on their website http://www.saucony.com/, and I'll have to admit: it seems like it's worth a try. But then again, you could sell me about anything...
The training short sleeve for women; cute color!

Saucony states that the Amp Pro2 products improve oxygenated blood flow up to 32% more vs. regular compression. Also, the Saucony website says that the AMP PRO2 products increase the blood flow. Said benefits of the AMP PRO2 products to the old bod: it increases strength and builds endurance, promotes healing and reduces recovery time. Reduced recovery time = godsend as far as I'm concerned.

The training tights; cute color again! I can picture myself in these - paired with a pale blue runningskirt!

My favorite item: recovery tights! Dear Santa, I've been a good girl!
OK, sounds promising, but hold the old credit card for a minute, because the Amp Pro2 line isn't the cheapest product out there. Also not the most expensive, though, but still. The training tights go for $110 and the short sleeve for $90. Then again, if it works for you and you don't mind spending the pennies, why wouldn't you give it a try?

And while you're at it, you might want to give this recovery sleep suit a try. ;)

I'm not sure what to think about these. Does a sleep suit actually work? Or would it just make me look like a total dork? Then again, most of the time I already do.

For me, I won't order the Amp Pro2 line through the internet. I'll look for a store that sells the line and try it on.
What's your take on compression shirts and tights? And would you try a recovery sleep suit?


T said...

I like the idea of putting your post from yesterday about being single together with your post from today about wearing a compression sleep suit. :)

But in seriousness, I've found the compression socks to work well for me, but at my current level of training/fitness, I'm not sure what advantage more compression would provide that losing weight or running more wouldn't. I think I'd only go to something like that if I knew I was doing everything I could for my training otherwise.

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

I dream of compression tights! Really. I do.

Sleep suit? Well if they want to give me one I'd try it but I think it would make me really hot. My compression socks make my already overly hot body even hotter (and not in guys checking me out kind of way;-)

Quinton J said...

I’m going to be honest…I only read this post because it was entitled “Squeeze me, Baby!”…and I thought it was some kind of giveaway. I was slightly disappointed;0)

Silly Girl Running said...

@ T: Hahaha! Well...if I would actually use that sleep suit as a night gown, that might explain the 'single'-issue. ;)

@ Shelly: I hear you! I do get hot at night (in a non sexy way), and would probably peel that thing off in no-time!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Q: LOL! Well, Q, thanks for reading the post anyway. ;) I would love to do a giveaway on the recovery tights, but, hey, I sort of need Saucony to arrange that, don't I? ;)

Becka said...

I don't like feeling constricted. I think the compression would annoy me. :D

Emz said...

I'd try anything that was free to me. YEP, anything. ;)

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Becka: I with you on that one. However...if it would make my legs feel less leady...I'm willing to try anything!

@ Emz: LOL! Me too! :)

RunningRonald said...

mmm, ik denk wel dat het werkt. Of het sexy is zo'n sleep suit verschilt per persoon maar a dork? nee, dat lijkt mij echt niet. Ik moet zeggen dat ik ook steeds meer van mijn Skins shirtje ben gaan houden. Dus, probeer eens gewoon die sleep suit

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Ronald: Ja, lekker ben jij. En dan mag ik die sleep suit zeker de 30/31e oktober gaan lopen...want is tenslotte toch 's nachts. ;)

RunningRonald said...

nee, doe maar niet de 30/31.. doe maar een van je flashy outfits.. veel leuker!!