Three Things Thursday - the 'dream job' post

Had a terrible day (terrible terrible 'makes me want to cry' terrible) at work today, and although I do love my job, it got me thinking 'What if I had chosen a different profession?'. So here we go. Since being Paula R. or Kara G. is my absolute dream job, but let's be realistic, that's not really going to happen, these are my three favorite dream jobs of the day!

1. Professional Traveller

Dear Mr or Mrs National Geographic Travel,

Could I please join your lovely company?



2. Chocolate Taster
Imagine me instead of baldie here.

3. All expenses paid cocktails tester and blogger

Hello, Mr. Caipirinha!

What is your dream job?


T said...

Okay, so having done a fair bit of archaeology myself, I have to tell you that your dream career from a previous post of archaeology is not that exciting. First off, digs are tedious. You're trapped in a small place with the same people for long periods of time under hard conditions. And it's a lot of work - sometimes fun, physical work, sometimes tedious work. But, the worst (and this ties to your #1) is that it's a vacation from your real life for a prolonged period of time. Professional traveler sounds fun in theory, but you could basically never have a relationship, you'd be living out of a suitcase, you can't have pets, own property, feel settled anywhere... Okay, enough raining on your parade :)

As for #2, my mother used to work part-time as a cookie tester for Keebler (true story). Do you know that, like wine testing, they spit the cookies out?

Silly Girl Running said...

Boohooo! You're not helping T and you ARE raining on my parade. :( ;) These dream jobs actually made me feel better. ;) That's how sad my life is. ;)

And for archaeology: I still wonder what it would have been like. But reading your story, it's not such a perfect career either. ;)

Oh, spitting the cookies out? NO! That's just wrong! By the way...I never spit the wine out...and always leave a wine testing somewhat drunk...

Quinton J said...

FYI...That's not how I cookie test.

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Q: That's the normal person way of testing cookies. ;)

Emz said...

Getting paid to run.

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Emz: yep, that's the best! But I already figured that I probably won't qualify as the next Paula R. ;)

misszippy said...

How can I top your choices? But I'd have to say pro runner. Since that's not gonna happen, I'll settle for what I've got--freelance writing. I get to work from home, set my own hours, and get my writing fix. Not so bad.

AgileToes said...

Ugh, I have been day dreaming about this for months. I want to travel to races all over the world and compose a world-wide book of races with tons of pictures and stories. So...like a blog, but one that would sit on your coffee table.

Silly Girl Running said...

@ MissZippy: Freelance writing is a good one! Not bad at all! Leaves you with enough time to run whatever race you want to.

Silly Girl Running said...

@ AgileToes: That would be professional traveller meets pro runner. Not bad at all!:)