Freaky Friday - The 'Why priests run' post

Most running commercials are inspirational, but this one is just downright funny! (Or is it just my twisted mind that thinks so?)

As for running: I missed three runs in a row this week (a total of 18.6 miles / 30 km) due to the laryngitis. And I'm still feeling grumpy because of that. I hope lots of rest will cure the laryngitis. Fingers crossed!

What's your favorite running commercial?


Quinton J said...

fingers crossed over here too.

Becka said...

I hear you on the missed runs. I'm losing my mind over here. I will have missed about 18 miles also (I *did* cheat and run about 2 miles last night).

I hope you feel better soon!!

As for commercials? I rarely watch live tv, so I don't even know which ones are out there!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

hmm fav running commercial that's tough... but i do think your rested body will now produce amazing runs!!!

sdowney509 said...

That was pretty darn funny...and something I think it pretty accurate. Hope you are able to make up for the missed runs. I have missed many the last two weeks and can feel your pain.

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Q: Fingers crossed for your race! You will rock that thing, I'm sure!

@ Amanda: Well...today's 20 miler proved that a rested body does NOT produce amazing runs...sucky sucky sucky run.

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Becka: You cheater! You are not supposed to run until the race; bad girl! ;)

@ sdowney: You missed runs? Injury or just sick/tired/work? I hope it's nothing serious!