Three Things Thursday - Quickie version: Favorites of the moment edition

Today is a holiday in the Netherlands, so, I spent most of the day lounging around in the garden. Just enough time left for a quickie version of Three Things Thursday. :)

1. Feet:
I've recently rediscovered how great one of those herbal foot baths is. If you haven't already, try it! Makes your feet and legs feel 100% less tired. :)

2. Drink: Throw some crushed ice, skimmed milk, protein recovery powder, and instant chocolate milk powder in your blender. Blend it. Best. Recovery. Drink. Ever. :)

3. What's on the Telly?: This has nothing to do with running. And this is a blog about running. But, give me a minute to share this: Bones. I love that show. And now Bones is pregnant. And Booth is the father. What the what? I'm intrigued! When does the next season start (lacking patience, I'm not a huge fan of spoilers ;)).


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Enjoy your holiday!

Your recovery drink sounds like a dessert. yum.e

Johann said...

My feet can do with a herbal bath right now. I might try it this weekend. Anything with chocolate milk is a winner. Have a good weekend!