Leave me the bottle

Bone scan results came in today.

Remember, my left shin was playing the ouchie ouch game with me? Well, there's just a slight shin splints going on in that leg. Relieved. :)

However, apparently there are signs of a stress fracture (or having bumped into the same little table over and over again in the last couple of weeks - fracture) in my right tibia (shin). The leg that doesn't hurt or cause any discomfort at all. What the what! You have got to be kidding me! The MD said it might be a stress fracture that is already healing, or it might be one that is prepping himself (it's got to be a 'him' ;)) to become one.

The MD and Sports PT both told me that they had never heard of a stress fracture and no pain in the leg whatsoever. Fan-effing-tastic. Weird thing is that my MD told me that his treatment for stress fractures in runners is: start running / slow jogging again when you're absolutely painfree. My Sports PT told me the same. However, he advised me to cross train my brains out for two weeks and come in for laser therapy twice a day, and take it from there. 'Better safe than sorry' is what he said. I'm going with his advice. And will be putting some miles on my bike in the next two weeks. And yep, I'll take it from there.

For the time being, this is my way of treating a stress fracture. Leave me the bottle.


LaVonne said...

Hmmmmm....weird. I guess it's good to take the time off since the non-fractured shin is hurting.

And overall it sounds pretty promising, if the fractured one does not hurt, then maybe it's already started to heal and you'll feel better quickly! Right?

giraffy said...

That is weird... hopefully it's already well on it's way to healing!

Ness said...

I hope you get better soon...and start racing again...take care xxx

Allison said...

Well that's an interesting good news/bad news kind of result! I'm glad your left leg is fine, but really sorry to hear about your right one. Hopefully it's an already healing stress fracture and there will be even more signs of improvement when you go back in two weeks.

Barborkas said...

Weird result of the test, as Allison said, I hope it is already healing stress fracture in the right leg and you will get better soon ... And you have great attitude, survive the month on the bike and you will be back on the track very soon :) Crossing my fingers for you ... take care.

Eternal Lizdom said...

My running partner has a stress fracture in her foot- no fun!!