I'm so darn sexy

...or gangsta.

Either way, there's the 'bling' to prove it. ;) (And yep, I'm being sarcastic here ;))

Because of one broken retainer, and one gappy tooth because of that (tiny gap, nothing too bad), I now have to wear this sassy little number till mid August. In the evening and during the night that is, but still...I feel like a teenager again. And I'm loving it! Ha! :)


rinusrunning said...

Ziet er inderdaad sext uit!het blauw staat je goed.

Run Jess Run said...

I still wear my retainer...almost 17 years after I got my braces off (I had a ridonkulous overbite that gave me some emotional scarring from some teasing at school so I'm scared to not wear it).

BTW--where did you get the Daily Mile Bondi Band?

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Jess: There was this post on Dailymile about the Bondibands a little while ago. And you could order through the link that was on there. I'm not sure if they are still selling them. You could try emailing the Dailymile team about it. They were the ones selling them. :)