It's not me. It's them. The cows.

Yesterday. A girl and a long run. A long long run. Not because of the mileage (only 20 miles / 32K), but due to the heat. And the humidity. Must have been at least 200%. And we all know redheads don't do well in heat. Enough said. (But boy, did it feel good to head out for a long run! Even the struggling because of the heat couldn't rain on that parade!).

*And yes, I was registered for a 52K trail ultra (yesterday), but opted to head out for a long run with my doggio. Just to see how my legs would hold up and to train Lordie for a marathon. Wise choice for once - I hope. Of course, it turned out to be too hot for him to be out running, so I got Lordie home and headed out solo. :(

In photos:

Yep, I'm wearing my hat backwards. And I look like a total geek. I know. Get over it.

Aaahhhh. Trails. :)

Hello, cowie! :)

Golf? Ha! I don't do golf. Mainly because I suck at it... Or at any other sport that involves 'balls' for that matter. (Any dirty minds out there? Zip it!)

Hat not backwards. Little less geeky.

Trails. :)

Hello, cowie! :) I'm not obsessed. Nope. Perfectly normal behavior.


Mon Amour said...

I know exactly what its like to be a redhead in the heat and humidity! Glad you got your run in though!

T said...

If I could run next to cows, I would do it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

M said...

I ditto T's comment. The cow pictures are fantabulous. LOVE!

Haley @ Climb Run Lift Mom said...

OMG. I'm scared to death of cows, lol.

Silly Girl Running said...

@ T: Cows pretty much rock. Enough said. ;)

Unknown said...

Love it! Glad you got out and ran, so is/are the leg(s) feeling ok?!?!?

Silly Girl Running said...

@Morgan: Legs aren't too bad today. This whole bone scan thingie made me 'scared'. So weird, but I'm actually scared that I might break something now. How's your misbehaving leg doing? :)

rinusrunning said...

Inderdaad jammer dat je er gisteren niet bij was, had wel naar je uitgekeken!.
Die koeie fotos zijn leuk en je staat er goed op.

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Great photos. Love that you can say "only 20 miles". That is a long long run!!!