Things I don't get & Lessons learned

Things I don't get

My left shin (shin splints) feels 100% better. Yay. That I DO get.

What I do NOT get. The right shin, that apparently has a SF in it, still doesn't hurt (knock on wood). No pain when touching it. No bump on the shin. Even my Sports' MD and Sports' PT don't get it. At least, when you actually feel pain, you know when it's getting better. I don't. Not at all. And it's frustrating and makes me scared to even try running when I'm allowed to again. What if the shin snaps out of the effing blue when coming down a mountain?

Lessons learned (on this weekend's cycling sessions):

1. Cycling 32 miles a day - coming from a 3 mile base - will make your lady parts hurt. Enough said.

2. Cycling is fun. Seriously. :)

3. It doesn't really matter whether you're running in a skirt or cycling in a pink cycling jersey, the honking continues. That is, when on a bike, the honking actually scares the shit out of me! At one point I actually figured I must have been on the wrong side of the road or something.

4. Uphills will make your quads hate you.

5. A GPS on your bike is a godsend. No kidding. Especially with my navigation skills.

6. Wearing a helmet for 2 hours straight will give you helmet hair. Please check mirror before rushing out the door to meet a friend for drinks...

7. Moeben arm sleeves work as great on a bike as they do on a run.

8. Cycling is actually fun. Oh, I already said that? ;)


Beth said...

Cycling is SO fun! I'm glad something good is coming out of this running break. And yay for no pain!

rinusrunning said...

Kijk eens aan, meteen een nieuwe sport gevonden en blijf je in de toekomst wel lopen nu het fietsen zo leuk gaat?.

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Beth: I never had pain to begin with. Go figure!

@ Rinus: Hahaha! Liever gisteren dan vandaag!

misszippy said...

The arm sleeves actually come from cycling--they were way ahead of runners on this! Glad you are finding something you like while you are sidelined. And--you'll be stronger after, just you wait!

Jessie said...

I enjoy cycling, but I definitely agree; if you haven't done it in a while, your lady parts KILL.

Kevin said...

I told you it was fun. Wait till you do your first TRI!!


LaVonne said...

make sure you use chamois creme.

Unknown said...

Perhaps the SF isn't a SF as the symptoms don't match! Let's hope not.

Don't get carried away with the cycling though, you'll be taking up swimming soon and going to the dark side of Tri's :)