About those high heels...

A little while ago, I wrote an open letter to the (excessive number of...) high heels in my closet. Missed it? Here it is.

Well, I've had a bit of a change of heart. Lately my feet have been kind enough to let me wear heels again, without sending shooting pains through my legs, that is. And without letting me waggle around like Bigbird's little sister. All smiles for being a runner and still being able to walk around in heels comfortably.

Don't get me wrong, stiletto heels are still a no-go. Walking in stilettos isn't the problem. The fear of getting stuck between the cobble stones the town I live in is paved with, is (the problem). Because, such an embarrassing (and not to mention clumsy) accidento has my name written all over it. Plus...it's more likely to wack your ankle in stilettos than in a more chunky heeled shoe, right?

So, stacked heels and wedges it is. :) And thank the running gods, that wedges are the shoes the hip kids are wearing at the moment. And if the hip kids are...who am I to disagree? ;)

Eco-friendly shoes? Bright green? I like it! :)

Sushi with friends?

Hmmm...Partying all night?

City trip?

Photo courtesy: Instyle Magazine (April '11) and O Magazine (April '11)

My only concern? All those cute wedge heeled shoes have an open toe... And, let's be honest...there really isn't a soul out there, that would thank me for taking these little piggies out in public. ;)

See how I'm 'disguising' my blue toenails by wrapping Compeed patches around them? Clever, huh? ;)

Disclaimer: Please feel free to laugh at and not follow any fashion advice that's linked to moi. Especially since - last Saturday - I managed to hit the shops wearing a Paris marathon long sleeve, A&F sweat pants and VFFs, paired with Prada sunglasses. I got stared at. Enough said.


Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I hate my feet, but I had a realization a while back that if people were intent on looking closely at my feet when I was out and about, they'd get what they deserved. hahahhahaha.

Karen said...

I'm not a "feet" fan, either! Love the shoes!! :0)