Cupcake Marathon Prize Winners - European participants

Well, there we go. The results of the Cupcake Marathon. Jason is covering a post on the US/Canadian participants today, and I'm all over the European ones. For the US/Canada peeps: go over to Jason's blog and find out if you're one of the winners!

First I'd like to thank Jason for hosting this with me and finding some amazing sponsors! Jason, you have a great thing going with your blog! And that Pizza Tri he's hosting this year: well, that might be the one thing that will make me squeeze my bod in a wetsuit.

European winners

Okay, over to the winners. After some minor issues with random.org (don't even ask...just don't...), I've managed to draw the lucky European participants that will be receiving some awesome stuff in their mail box any day now! I really wanted to make a print screen shot of every random.org drawing, but since this would have made a huge post...you'll just have to trust me on this one. And yep, for of over 60 participants from Europe (amazing how many US/Canada participants there were by the way: over 200), there were4 prize packs to hand out.

1st Prize goes to: Wendy Widmer (full marathon) - Sweaty Band headband, GU sample pack, Nike running tee (short sleeve)

Sorry, Wendy. I just had to share this photo. It's hilarious!

Mijke van den Brand (half marathon) - Asics Running socks

Elisabeth van der Schalk (half marathon) - Sweaty Band headband

Sheila van Liempdt (full marathon)- RazzyRoo headband, GU sample pack

Oh, and all the winners will be receiving a Silly Girl Running fridge magnet as a bonus. Whether you like it or not. ;)

Wendy, Mijke, Elisabeth and Sheila: Could you please send me your address info?


sheila said...

O, Wauw! Thank you! I am so happy with my price!

Beth said...

Thanks for putting the race together! Congrats to all the winners!

Julie said...

I was one of the marathon winners in the US and just wanted to pop over here and tell you thanks for taking the time to help put this together. It was a ton of fun and it really gave me the push to get my training miles in for my 1/2 marathon next week.