You know you're a runner when - the 'Wedding' edition

...what immediately springs to mind when looking at this photo is:

Photo courtesy: www.nu.nl

..."That dress would look so much better paired with Newton running shoes. Preferably the pink Newton racing flats."

...That walking down the aisle part goes on and on and on. Run, Kate, Run! Running down the aisle would also make it more fun to watch. At least, in your opinion.

...You're wondering whether or not the dress has built-in briefs.

...You have this 'brilliant' idea of marketing RazzyRoo headbands with a veil attached. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

...When looking at the carriage ride, you find yourself thinking 'isn't the London marathon finish line at that exact same spot?'.

Disclaimer: I don't have the marriage bug. Had it as a little girl, but lost it somewhere along the line. It happens. I'm not bitter, and I don't have a broken heart to blame. I'm just not the girl to sob over a wedding. Sorry. And yes, I AM a girl. Just checked and the obligatory parts are still there.


Karen said...

HAHAHA! I LOVE IT!!!!! :0)

The Green Girl said...

I don't have the marriage bug. Had it as a little girl, but lost it somewhere along the line.

I've never had it! My family said when I was really small that I would yell that I am never, ever getting married. Heh.

Jessie said...

This is great! While reading your post I was looking at the dress and remembering my August Wedding and thinking WOW it would have been nice to of had a sweat wicking material.... lol Have a great weekend!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ The Green Girl: You're even worse than I am. ;)

@ Jessie: Hahaha! That's the exact same thing I was thinking: sweat wicking material! LOL!

ATTrio said...

YAY for royal weddings =) -Jen

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Too funny, love this!

nikeathena said...

I was thinking running down the aisle would have been better.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious!! I think running down the aisle is a great idea. :)

RunningRonald said...

why marry if we can run instead?

Run Jess Run said...

All I care about weddings are the bride's dress. And Kate totally rocked that dress.