You know you're a runner when - the Travel edition

1. ...You're trying to convince yourself that you really need to take trail running shoes (x 2), long distance running shoes (x1), tempo run running shoes (x1) and nasty weather (Goretex) running shoes (x1) for a 2 week vacation.

2. ...This also means that you're trying to convince yourself that those trail running shoes could double as 'going out' shoes. Plus, you won't have room for 'normal' shoes anyway.

3. ...There isn't a single piece of cotton in your travel bag. All technical gear...

4. ...You've downloaded Meb's 'Run to Overcome' on your e-reader, to read in the car.

5. ...You've already mapped out the routes for your long runs on mapmyrun.com. And you now know the exact distance from the place you're staying at to the other side of town. The exact exact distance.

6. ...There's an impressive amount of Tylenol, Arnica gel and Biofreeze in your travel bag. Enough to help a small African town out for an entire year. It's better to be prepared, right?

7. ...As we speak, you're trying to figure out ways to stuff another pair of running shoes in your travel bag...

8. ...You've researched the possible WiFi spots in town to update DailyMile. Plus, you're seriously obsessing over this.

9. ...When you told your co-workers that you would be back in a couple of weeks, they instantly reacted saying 'Oh, you're going to Switzerland to run?'. Because that's the first thing that springs to mind when you think about going to Switzerland for a vacation...in the winter time.

10. ...You've already been stalking local sport shops to find out whether or not they carry the Salomon Speedcross Trail running shoes. There's nothing wrong with just trying them on, right? ;)


Rose said...


These are great!

Bethany + Ryan said...

sometimes i tie 2 pairs of sneakers to my backpack, 1 pair on each side. people always try to be funny and comment but it's always dumb stuff. it's annoying! good list!

Beth said...

Running clothes are totally cute. And the shoes are extremely practical. I see no need for anything else :) Have a great vacation!

KT80 (Running Like a Girl) said...

How do you like the Arnica gel? I was hoping to avoid ice baths through the use of epsom salt, but I'm not sure that's possible.

M said...

That's so funny! I too have an arsenal of Biofreeze, Voltaren, and Tiger Balms.