Hills the size of my butt

Okay, the Swiss Alps rock. They do. No kidding. They are my life-long love.

So, I've instructed my house sitter (best. thing. ever) on how not to kill my cats. I've packed up my dog. Stuffed my bag with running shoes. And here I am: Davos, Switzerland. Closest thing to heaven on earth. Don't believe me? Come over and check it out, but please don't tell all of your friends about it. I'd like Davos to be somewhat exclusive. ;)

Being up in the Swiss Alps = I don't have regular access to the internet like I normally do. This means less babbling along about 'silly' stuff. ;) Lucky you! ;) I'll try to update my blog whenever I'll get the chance to.

Long run kicked my butt

To sum things up. I had a long long run (20-miler) on deck the day after I'd arrived in Davos. Kicked. My. Butt. This girl is used to a flat flat course and gentle hills. Gentle hills. The 'hills' (nope, mountains!) in Davos are far from gentle! Hills the size of my butt. 25% of that 20-miler had a 10-15% elevation. Yep, 10-15%. Keeping up the long run pace (which is already slow) was not an option. At all. Ouch. Oh, and of course I've already tried out part of the Swiss Alpine course! :) Also kicked my butt.

Okay, I NEED to work on my steep uphill running skills. Any advice? Please?

And to my Swiss readers: Anyone up for a run? I'd love the company! :)


Emz said...

all I thought of when I saw the title . . . . thank goodness her butt is a size extra small.

Kovas said...

Stay upright on the hills - look up and forward and not down at your feet. If you can walk as fast as you can run, walk, save the energy!

Beth said...

Those are some killer hills! Enjoy the hilly running vacation! Pics please :)

M said...

That's insane! One of my ultra runner friends says he sometimes walks up high inclines, and he still makes good times.

Annet said...

Killer girl, be gentle for those mountains :)

PunkRockRunner said...

What an amazing adventure. I love the idea of packing a bag and heading out on a running holiday.



Homemom3 said...

Can't wait to see tons of pics. Hills sound tough but sounds like you have an amazing adventure and some beautiful surroundings.


RunningRonald said...

oefff.. heb niet zo'n ervaring met hilly runs maar heb je geen flinke viaducten daar die je standaard in je trainingen kunt zetten?