February Recap Stats

Miles/Km planned/ran: 150 miles / 240K planned / 156 miles / 250K ran

Rest days planned / taken: 8 / 8

Highest mileage/km week: 14-20 February: 43 miles / 69 km (still trying to recover from that lower leg injury)

Long runs planned / ran: 4 /4

Pace/speed workouts planned / ran: 8 / 8

Cross training workouts planned / done: 8 / 8

Donuts burned: 104

Current shame-inducing guilty pleasure: watching 'SATC' re-runs

Current obsessions: cinnamon cookies

Current drink: fennel tea, Gatorade (lemon) and diet coke (I know...bad girl)

Current song: everything Coldplay - perfect long run companion

Current need: uhm...a waterproof running jacket

Current triumph: making it through my 28th birthday without getting liquored up. ;)

Current bane of my existence: the pile of work on my desk...

Current blessings: being able to run with my dog...still, my dog. I know...I'm a big old 'dog' lady.

Current excitement: snow, snow and skiing!


PunkRockRunner said...

Sounds like an epic February.

All the best,


Beth said...

That is an awesome month!

And piles of work are the constant bane of my existence :)

misszippy said...

LOVE Coldplay! You are doing great--bouncing right back. Good job.

Rose said...

Mmmmm....cinnamon cookies. Yum.

Looks like a KICK ASS month.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

great month!!

i also love the quote in your sidebar

Jessie said...

I love the 108 donuts burned! lol What a great month. Im so glad your feeling better!