RazzyRoo Headbands Review and Cupcake Marathon prize!

Cheryl over at RazzyRoo was sweet enough to send me a couple of her headbands to review. And to hand out as prizes for the Cupcake Marathon! Thanks, Cheryl!

RazzyRoo Headbands

I tried the Headbands out on a 5 mile run (I really needed to wear a thick Buff headband for the longer runs, due to the chilly temps). I also tried them out strolling around town and going out to dinner.

The fit

In my opinion, the fit is similar to the bands they sell at Sweatybands. However, I feel the RazzyRoo headbands have a slightly less tight strap in the back. And that's a good thing, since I did not feel like my brain was being squeezed out of my skull while I was wearing the RazzyRoo headbands!


These bands do NOT slip. At all. And I have some crazy thick hair. Slippery hair. Pretty slippery hair, as in hair a curling iron can't get curls in. That slippery. But the RazzyRoo Headbands tamed my lion's mane (okay, 'mane'? How the bleep did I come up with that...)! :)

The design

Check out the photos below. Cheryl knows which designs to pick. Fun, sassy. Enough said.

So, show Cheryl some love and go over to the RazzyRoo Facebook Page and click that good old 'Like' button! :) And while you're at it, check the RazzyRoo website. And don't forget to go over to the 'socks' section: I'm deeply in love with the 'Bad Ass' knee highs!

Okay, crappy photo, but I wanted to get the Swiss Alps in the background in the photo. Fail...
The four designs: the skinny navy glitter headband is my favorite!

The RazzyRoo non-slip velvet: it works! They do NOT slip! And I have some slippery hair, believe me!
I somehow love that it says 'Made in the USA' on the inside. :)
And where does the Cupcake Marathon come in? Cheryl at RazzyRoo handed out the headbands as prizes in the Cupcake Marathon raffle! So, for one lucky lady / guy (guys can wear headbands too, right?) there is some cool swag to win! :) Huge thanks to Cheryl!


sheila said...

These are very nice looking headbands! I have some too but just plain black. These ones are much cooler.

Teamarcia said...

Those are very cute!

Victoria Elizabeth said...

I want to get these! My hair is super thin and everything seems to just slip right off my head!

Jessie said...

Awesome! I have an odd shaped head and can NEVER find one that will stay on. If I don't win one from the cupcake challenge I will have to get one! Thanks for the info!

Emz said...

You will love the shorts!

I'd go Small. :) they seem to run small.

LaVonne said...

OMG - I LOVE the knee highs! Damn you for giving me another place to spend money!!!!

Kevin @ Half TRI-ing said...

Ya, but will they work in my hair!


Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

ohh i am a headband freak now!! just submitted my results!