Why I've been MIA

1. I'm battling a kidney stone. I've had 21 of those before this one (hereditary thing). It hurts. It hurts like @^@^@&@&. I'm scheduled for treatment tomorrow PM.

2. Last Saturday on my trail run with the dogs, the dogs saw a bunny. The bunny was minding his business and hoppy like...well, a bunny does. The dogs figured he/she would make a fun snack. They dragged me through the woods. Result: ouchie ouch ankle sprain. Swelling. Skipped Sunday's, Tuesday's and Yesterday's run and cut today's run short. With a marathon in 10 days, timing is perfect. Uhm...nope. Can you say: personal worst?

3. I'm battling a kidney stone. Enough said.

Once that kidney stone is go-one, I'll be my happy preppy self again. I hope. 'Cause there's still this ankle thing. I'd like the doggios for that one. But, seriously...have you seen these guys: hard to stay angry with those guys. :)


Gert said...

lieve Christel, even in NL, want dan kan ik mezelf wat beter uitdrukken.

Die NYCM is natuurlijk geen enkel (what's in a name?) probleem! Je voorbereidingen zijn helemaal goed!

Niersteen is naar! Heb het zelf een paar keer gehad dus weet goed hoe het voelt. Na morgen is dat weer (even) voorbij gelukkig!!!

En dan op naar NY! Komt (dus) helemaal goed sweety!

No sweat! ;-)


Barborkas said...

We are going to rock the NYC marathon anyway! You are so strong, amazing and inspiring, can't wait to meet you :)

Becka said...

Sucky :(
Feel better soon!

Bridget said...

All you have to is mention the words kidney stone to my husband and he curls up in fetal position screaming. Hurt like a mother***** is right.

Hope things start feeling better soon.

Wesley said...

uhmm.. posted a comment a few days back but got an error message :(
Anywayz, discovered your blog a few weeks ago.. very nice.

Can't say anything about kidney stones.. it sounds horrible. Hope you recover soon.

I sprained my ankle a few weeks back.. and started running 3 days later eventhough it was still swollen. A lot of people recommend rest. But the thing is, when it's not torn, running can't do very much harm. Just be careful not stepping on things.

This weekend I did a run with my dog for the first time. Had my eye out for bunnies. The may look cute, but they are pure evil!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

oh man so sorry. i've never had one but boy i know people who have and ouch