Zensah Leg Sleeve Giveaway!

My awesome blog buddy Barbora is raising money for Team Hole in the Wall and Running the New York City Marathon for Team Hole in the Wall! :) So cool! Since Barbora is nursing a calf injury and I have a sucky sprained ankle, we plan on limping out that marathon together. ;) I'll be sure to bring my camera for that one! Ha! :)

To raise money, Barbora is now hosting a Zensah Leg Sleeve Giveaway on her blog here. Go check it out!


Barborkas said...

Yep, it's gonna be "how to mess up race photos" times two :D

I hope your ankle is recovering fast, so looking forward to this! And of course, thank you for posting about my giveaway. Hey Silly Girl Running readers, there are three pairs in the giveaway, chances to win are high :)

The Green Girl said...

My best friend in high school spelled her name with an 'O', too. I've never actually 'met' someone else who spelled it this way.

Good luck, girls!

Barborkas said...

:) :) :) everyone does so here in the Czech Republic, but it's a very small country, so the probability to meet someone is low. Thank you for the wishes!!!