What (not) to wear...

...when planning on hitting the mountains to do a bit of this:

Swiss Alpine Marathon

And yes, by the looks of it, there WILL be snow on the high alpine part of it. Oh yeah. :)

A. This Moeben Running Dress I reviewed: here.

B. This skirt and tank combo: here.

Don't worry: I plan on pairing either of those with a windbreaker/waterproof jacket. :)

Start voting! :)


T said...

The dress is bad ass. I vote dress!

Barborkas said...

Voting for the option B. ... the skirt will look better coming out down from the windbreaker / waterproof jacket :)

runningthedawn.com said...

i kinda love the idea of running in the mountains in camo...but i'm pretty sure that you'd just disappear in all the race day photos, so i vote for the skirt/tank combo.

Becka said...

I will be of no help since I wear the same thing no matter the temperature... wear whatever is most comfortable