Three Things Thursday

1. Double fun: Guess who pre-registered for Edinburgh Marathon 2012? Yep, moi, but also... Rebecca! Woohoo! Can't wait to check out those kilts together! :) I won't make you try Haggis, Becka, promise! ;)

2. I'm so vain: No, not really. Not at all, actually. It's just that I'll have to have some shirts at the printer, since I still hope on running one of the distances of the Swiss Alpine Marathon. But...mountain weather. I remember last year: it was freezing cold and raining the days leading up to the 2010 race, only for it to be perfect sunny mountain weather on the day of the race. So...tank top, short sleeve, long sleeve, maybe even a jacket. Not to mention what to have the printer print on that whole pile of technical gear.

Any ideas on a funny phrase to have printed on the shirts? :)

3. Merrell Pace Gloves: Will post a review soon, but for now...I love these shoes. I honestly couldn't have figured out that these shoes would be that comfortable! I even find myself walking around in these babies on Casual Friday at work, and I keep telling myself that that's okay. ;) My co-workers don't seem to think so. ;)

Any Pace Gloves' lovers out there? I'd like to add your thoughts on the gloves to my review!


M said...

How about "Check out these mountains" strategically placed on the front of your shirt? Maybe not? No, probably not. :p

Silly Girl Running said...

@ M: Ha! Good one! However...mine wouldn't even qualify as 'humble bumps', so I'm saying...probably not. ;)

runningthedawn.com said...

i'm in LOVE with "check out these mountains"!!!!! DO IT!!!! seriously, nothing i could come up with would be better than that :)

Becka said...

YAY!!! I'm already SO excited. I think plaid is probably the best skirt?? I need to start planning :D

PS - Getting super excited for you and the Swiss Alpine!!