Let me formally introduce you to...

...Lordie and Diddy. Running buddies extraordinaire. A long due formal introduction. It's about time! Here we go!


Come on, let's go already, woman!

Nickname: Bunnychaser.
Favorite distance: 25K+.
Day job: sidekick to Silly Girl Running. Keeps him busy 24/7.
Favorite running gear: Zero DC blue/orange harness.
Favorite recovery food: Dried beef.
Favorite recovery drink: water.
"10 miles? That's my warm up."
"I have Greyhounds for breakfast."
"Running is better than chasing cats."
"Poodles do it better."


I'm going that way. You'd better follow...

Nickname: Birdchaser.
Favorite distance: Anything up to a Half Marathon. Loves the sprint.
Day job: service dog (seizure alert dog to my mom).
Favorite running gear: Zero DC blue/orange harness. And Musher's secret paw cream.
Favorite recovery food: Pedigree brand Schmackos.
Favorite recovery drink: water. Well...you can't really give him a protein shake, can you?
"Ha! That's what you call fast?"
"Eat my farts."
"I'm with stupid." (Yep, he's referring to me...)
"Service dog by day. Superhero by night."

Lordie doing what he loves to do. Drag me across the trails.

Who's your #1 running buddy?


Becka said...

They are so cute!! fun that you always have someone to run with, no matter the distance.

M said...

I love this! So, I have a question - which may seem silly to you. How do you know if/when the dog is too tired or may be getting overheated?? I can't run with my pup - she's too ADD and too tiny, but even when I take her on "long" (over 1.5 miles) walks, I get all worried when she gets super panty and her tail uncurls. What are your signs that the pup may need a break? Sounds like you may be an expert on this!!!!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ M: Thanks for your comment! I wouldn't call myself an expert on this... ;) When the dog's tongue get's 'flat' (you know what I mean, right?) and he starts holding back (with Lordie and Diddy it means they'll jog besides me instead of in front of me), I know it's enough. I always carry water with me in a handheld on runs. If they get a sip every 3K, they're usually fine. Also, I did train them to run longer distances: adding a mile a week on the long distance run. Seems to work. Plus, I let the dog lead the pace. As soon as they start jogging besides me, I'll slow down and/or go home. The pup will just keep going, and might get hurt, so I really try to pay attention. What kind of dog do you have? It's also a breed thing. Some breeds are just better build for the running thing.

LaVonne said...

I hear that canicross makes you a faster runner...even without them with you! It's like cycling behind a motorcycle pace car, swimming with fins. Is that true?

Barborkas said...

They are so cute! And it's great that Diddy can help your mom, the dogs are so intelligent ...

My running buddy is Bourbon (named after the French aristocratic family, not the alcohol!) and he is no special breed and very hyper-active. I totally agree on the getting used to the distance thing. I got him at the moment when I wasn't running that much so we increased the mileage slowly together. And he is so damn fast now. I usually run somewhere where he can go without a leach so he runs far more distance than I do :)

You can see him at the photo in this blogpost.

Run Jess Run said...

Cute puppies!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

love it!!! yes we were long overdue to get to know them. My fav running buddy moved, so right now I am my favorite running buddy :) yes I have groups but no single buddy

Karen said...

How cute! Love love love it! My favorite non human running buddy is my dog Madalynn. She LOVES to run!!! :0) Thanks for the introduction!