Peace of mind

31 miles last Sunday, and 61 miles for the week, and that's a wrap. Only runs left in this training cycle are shorter and taper runs.

Number of days left till the Swiss Alpine Marathon (if everything goes according to plan): 9.

Which distance I plan on participating in? Still have my hopes set on the 50 miler, but will let my legs decide in race week. If they say 'go for the marathon instead of the 50 miler', I'll listen. I think. ;)

Shirts just got back from the printer and I must say they look great. And thanks to this lovely lady I'm now all set on the extra gear to change into.

I haven't started packing yet, though, so there's a bit of stressing out on that part. Snow kicked in on the high alpine trails, so I should probably bring some winter gear. ;)

Desk at work is still filled with case files that need to be looked into. I'm working on it. And stressing out over it. Hey, well.

Training wise: there really isn't anything I can do now to get some extra mountain skills or long run skills. I'll have to work with what's in the bag. Looking back at my training in the last couple of months doesn't really work for me. Somehow makes me doubt every run and my ability to finish a race.

Realizing that this is what I'll have to work with, somehow gives me some Zen-like feeling. Peace of mind.

9 days. 6 more training runs. Those beautiful mountains to look forward to.

Fingers crossed. Just in case. (You'll never know what might happen in those 9 days.)


M said...

So amazing. Will be sending you lots of awesome vibes!!!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ M: You have no idea how much awesome vibes would help me! :) Thanks. :)

Quinton J said...

smooth vibes coming me too. keep calm during this taper and you'll not only smash it...you'll good doing it.

Barborkas said...

One want's to say no need to freak out, but that way easier said than done! So I can totally understand you and lots of positive vibes from Prague for you :)