Mountains = sore quads

Well, internet access isn't the best ever up here, but will let me post a quick 'hello!'.

Instructed the house sitter, and left for Davos last Saturday. Arrived Saturday evening. Those mountains never fail to take my breath away. It's absolutely gorgeous up here. The trails are amazing. Weather...isn't so amazing. ;) But, hey, that's all in the game. Four more sleeps till the Swiss Alpine Marathon. Taper madness.

I'm starting to feel the 'every single participant trained harder for this thing than I did' taper nerves. Oh yeah, I'm in 'that state' already. ;)

Will try to post some photos later this week!


Morgan said...

EEEEEkkkkkkk! Girl you're going to do great! Just focus on the task at hand and don't worry about how much you did or didn't train for this... you're going to finish no matter what and after all the obstacles you've had to overcome getting here that is the most important thing to remember!

Barborkas said...

Enjoy and have fun, looking fwd to the pics!!! Four more sleeps and then no more time for madness, yupii! ;-)

Becka said...

Been waiting all year for this!! Enjoy yourself!!

Johann said...

This is so exciting! You trained harder than most. You'll do great. Enjoy your time there!

rinusrunning said...

Spannend en onwijs veel plezier toegewenst en zal aan je denken.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...