... the number of seconds it takes me to put on my running shoes

... minutes it takes me to take a shower and wash my hair (I have a lot of it...believe me...)

... hours that go into an average day at work

... weeks that I would love to spend in Switzerland this winter (but don't have the time (and financial funds for...skiing = expensive!)

... months since I picked up running (I'm still in the first year of running...nutso, I know)

... years till I turn 'almost forty' (AAAAAHHH!)

... the number of days left till the New York City Marathon

What's your 'TEN'?


Emz said...

As soon as I saw "ten" I was like is it really only 10 days until NYC?!?! :)


ten huge high-fives to you from AZ. [uggg, that was lame.] give me 10 days to think of something that's actually funny after getting a huge 3 hours of sleep. ;)

misszippy said...

Excellent! I have no 10 to offer!

Kevin said...

...the number of times I hit my head against the wall at work today.


Anonymous said...

cant wait for nycm!!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Emz: Hahaha, not lame at all. ;) And 3 hours of sleep; why???

@ misszippy: I forgive you for not having 10 to offer. ;)

@ Kevin: LOL! You crack me up every single time!

@ skinnyrunner: Me neither!!! I'm driving everyone around me insane!!!

RunningRonald said...

10 is het aantal dat ik je minimaal virtueel aanmoedig in de NYCM!!! GOOO CHRISTEL!!!