I need design options!

If the Running Gods let me (you know the drill...), I plan on wearing this for the New York Marathon 2010:

I'm packing a short sleeve in the same color just in case, but since New York is already in the low 60's and I'm usually cold anyway, I'll probably go with the long sleeve.

The runningskirts.com pink argyle skirt - if I can get my hands on one in time for the NYC Marathon!

Yep, ofcourse a bit of this. At least the color goes with the runningskirt. And those are not my actual knees...just for the record.

Design options wanted!
Okay, I have the outfit pretty much figured out. But - ofcourse - I need to do something with the shirt! :)
a. My name on it - front and back;
b. The logo of the good cause I'm dedicating the marathon to: http://www.hulphond.nl/.
c. The logo of my 'sponsor': http://www.medisch-fit.nl/. And by sponsor I mean: the PT's that fixed The Hip and are trying to fix The Knee a.s.a.p.

d. The name of my blog. And that's where I need design options. I want to incorporate something that says 'NEW YORK'. I was thinking about changing all the 'i''s into this:

However, it looks a bit funny and it makes it not much easier to read the name of the blog. Hmmmm.
Any brilliant ideas out there? Pppppllllease...


RunningRonald said...

voorop "Christel loves New York" GROOT. Je stichting Hulphond logo ook voorop. Je sponsors op je mouwen en achterop de naam (URL) van je blog.

Klaar :)

Silly Girl Running said...

@ RunningRonald: Sjongejonge! Dat doe je snel! :)

rinusrunning said...

Spannend en mijn naam ook op mijn shirt laten zetten voor newyork.
Groet Rinus.

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Rinus: Jij bent er natuurlijk ook! :) Misschien leuk om even als Hollandse Webloggers samen op de foto te gaan! :) Wanneer vlieg jij?

Kevin said...

Where do you get your shirts made?


shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

I dedicated a marathon to my father the year he passed away. I put a photp of him and my daughter on the sleeve.

New York is the Big Apple so you could use that as a background?!!? I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Zaneta said...

love the outfit! i dont have any ideas tho...

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Kevin: In Holland, where I live. ;)

@ Shelly: That's so amazing! :) I'll tell the 'Print Guy' to try and get a Big Apple in the design! :)

@ Zaneta: Thanks! ;)