Not even near my corral and lost already - The 'What Wave?' post

Can you say 'Golden Showers'?

Yep, that's right... Golden Showers.

I just found out what my BIB number, wave and corral for the New York City Marathon are.

I will spare you the BIB number. Unless you want to stalk me and my splits during the marathon. If that's the case, please do let me know. I'll gladly provide you with my BIB number. ;)

I'm in Wave 2. Or as I'd like to call it: the wave just behind the elite wave. Yeah, not really, but that's okay. At least I'm not in the back of Wave 3. The start time for Wave 2 is 10:10 AM. Ofcourse it will take me at least 45 minutes to get across that start line, but that's okay. At that point I'll be running (fingers crossed!) the New York City Marathon. That makes up for all of it! ;)

I'm in corral 40, with the 'front' corral being 36 and the 'last' corral 42. So, not great, but not too bad either. I could have been in the last corral. That would have been worse. Weird thing, though, that with a sub-4 projected finish time they place you in the same corral as 4:15-4:30 goal times. Well, I'll probably never understand the brilliant mind of the NYRR. ;)
And, last but not least, I'm in the Green Wave. Yep, the Verrazano Narrows Bridge Lower Deck Wave. Let's just say that I have my hopes set on the 'Golden Showers' stories being an urban legend. ;)
So, guess what's the best part about being in Wave 2, Green Start, Corral 40? I'm in the exact same corral as Tracy (http://www.gotracygo.com/)! What are the odds? Yay! That will make the waiting so much less boring! :) Looking forward to meet you in New York, Tracy! :)
In case you were wondering: Days left till the New York City Marathon:


T said...

I think that it's pretty messed up that we're in the same corral (based on our disparate predicted start times), but that said, I'm excited about it!

Just a thought: did they ask us how many marathons we'd completed?
I have two theories on wave assignments - one is that they lumped all of us wave 2 starters together and assigned our specific corrals randomly, and the other is that they took the anticipated finish times of those of us who had completed several marathons more seriously (like, thinking that my finish time estimate might be more accurate than a marathon novice given that this is my 7th marathon). If they did the latter, they were NUTSO because I gave them a time nearly 30 minutes faster than my PR.

Abby said...

The prospect of running on the lower level of the bridge is actually really cool - so long as the 'showers' hold off, of course!

Silly Girl Running said...

@ T: Nope, they didn't ask me how many marathons I'd completed. But they are NUTSO! I just heard of 3:55 runners in the corral behind US (YAY), so that would make some sort of sense. Still weird, though.

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Abby: Okay, thanks! :)

Quinton J said...

Peeing on the bridge happens. Hopefully not above you.

Silly Girl Running said...

@ Q: Thanks, just what I needed to hear. ;)